How To Tame Summer Frizz

How To Tame Summer Frizz

Summer should be carefree, full of weekends in the ocean and sun-kissed skin. But along with those beautiful summer days comes the treacherous humidity! That means the monster we all have to deal with -- frizz. Frizz is not picky. Frizz is all inclusive. It doesn’t care if you have straight, coarse, wavy or ultra curly hair. It’s coming for you. Don't fret though, the key to taming your frizz is to give your locks a little extra TLC. Seasons change and so should your hair routine.

Here are a few “anti-frizz” tips and products that are sure to keep your mane in check!


What exactly is frizz?

Your hair is pretty complex, so it’s easy to think about it in this way: picture each strand of hair as tiny little shingles on the roof of a house. When your hair is smooth, and not subjected to humidity, these layers lie flat. When your hair is dry, damaged, and out of control (insert summer humidity), the shingles fly up in different directions causing what we see as frizz!


How to Tame Frizz:

Step 1: Shower Power

One of the best ways to get rid of frizz is to tackle it from every direction. Start first in the shower. Weirdly and counterintuitively, humidity, which is elevated levels of moisture in the air, actually drys your hait out and causes frizz. So, it's important to keep your hair moisturized when humidity levels are high. The key to showering in the summer is to make sure you don't over-shampoo. Shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils and leave it paper dry. Give your hair a little break and wash it less during the summer months. When you do wash your hair it's essential to use moisturizing shampoos and especially conditioners.

Below are a few of our frizz fighting favorites for added moisture in the shower:

1.Rene Furterer Myrrhea Anti-Frizz Silkening Shampoo and Rene Furterer Myrrhea Anti-Frizz Silkening Mask Tube

Rene Furterer Anti-Frizz Treatments


2. John Frieda Frizz-Immunity Shampoo and John Frieda Frizz-Immunity Conditioner

John Frieda Frizz Immunity Shampoo



Step 2: Post-Shower Remedies

How you treat your hair after you get out of the shower plays a large role in continuing to fight frizz. In the summer hair is extra vulnerable, so be gentle with it. While drying your hair, instead of rubbing it with a towel and creating more friction, squeeze your hair with a cotton t-shirt allowing it to soak up the water. Instead of a brush, comb through your locks with your fingers or a wide tooth comb like the Conair Wide Tooth Comb below.

conair wide tooth comb



Step 3: Seal the Deal

Applying an anti frizz serum is one the the biggest steps in this beauty routine. Apply serum while your hair is still damp, because we all know that as soon as the hot air hits our locks, POOF goes the puff! Serums that are lightweight, don’t weigh hair down and can really work magic when it comes to frizz.

Here are three anti-frizz serums we love:

1. Curls Anti-Frizz Shiner Redken

2. Frederic Fekkai Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream


3. Schwarzkopf essence ULTÍME Satin Frizz Control and Protect Serum

Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Satin Frizz Control Serum


We all have to deal with frizz when the weather heats up, but wave your magic wand with these products and say hello to beautiful hair. How do you keep your hair frizz free in the summer? Let us know in the comments below!