How To Take Photos for Your Reviews and Social Post

A Great Picture is Worth a Thousand Stars


Whether it’s for a VoxBox campaign or a Digital Challenge, nothing adds more credibility or makes a review standout than by adding a photo or video.

We should know. Influenster is home to literally tens of millions of member reviews.

That said, some pics have that wow factor and some don't. So we asked some of our leading creators for tips to help every member take more memorable review pics.

Here are some of the tips and tricks we heard:

  • Shoot it where you’d use it. At Influenster, we’re all about real, honest reviews. So pick a place where you’d honestly use the product you’re featuring. For example, if you’re reviewing a facial lotion, the bathroom might be the perfect place. 
  • Do a background check. Be sure your background is clear from other distractions (other brands/products, general clutter, etc). That way the product you’re featuring is front and center.
  • Flat-lay away. Flat-lays are pictures on which we can see the product laying flat on a pleasing background. You know what we mean, they're everywhere on Instagram.
  • Lights, no. Camera, yes. There’s no need for any fancy lighting equipment—natural lighting, like the sun, is best. Just be sure your product is lit from the front (products lit from the back tend to look flat and more like a painting).
  • Forget the filter. Color shifts and touch-up features are amazing for vacation pics, but not so much for reviews.
  • Just say no to zoom. Zooming in on photos can make them lose quality and start to look blurry. And blurry is never a good look.
  • Find an interesting angle. Don’t be afraid to play around with different perspectives. High. Low. Bird’s eye. Eye-level.
  • Be creative. Once you have the basics, feel free to have some fun with it. Texture shots. Matching color swatches. Beautiful component pieces. Whatever you want.

Here are some of the examples we love, and examples you can avoid.

Examples we love

User: @andreaa361
Natural environment, decent lighting, creative with the posing.


User: @taylorisreading
Natural lit environment, creative pose, filter but not over-edited, shows off use of the product.


User: @skincarebroad
Well lit, flat lay of products where you would use them (bathroom/bath).


User: @briannas52e2
Natural environment, creative positioning of product, filter but not over-edited.



User: @katiah3741
Well lit, putting products to use, edited but not over-edited.

User: @morewishcuisine
Well-lit, not over-edited, food is styled and table is staged with like products.

User: @kinyaclaiborne
Nicely staged, well lit.


Examples to avoid

Background: Avoid taking images of products with random backgrounds or locations. Try to keep the environments natural; where you would store and use your products.



Lighting: Try to take your photos in well-lit, natural environments.

Filters: Be you! Avoid adding filters to your photos that alter the appearance of you, a product, or add stickers/unnatural elements to the photo.


Over-editing: Avoid over-editing images or adding filters that make products look unnatural.



And if you're interested in learning more, check out our article about our Top Selfie Tips. Trust us, some of these tricks are true game changers.

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