How to Survive Black Friday

How to Survive Black Friday

We’re not sure what we’re more excited for -- stuffing our faces on Thanksgiving or filling up our shopping carts on Black Friday. To help you out on the biggest shopping day of the year, we’ve put together five essential tips to prepare you for shopping on Black Friday.

1. Have a plan!
Research, research, research -- because you definitely will be overwhelmed on Friday if you try to wing it without a plan. A large store with tons of competitive shoppers and extra-discounted items thrown everywhere is the last place you’ll want to be aimlessly wandering around. Enter the store armed with a wish list, and be as specific as possible. Don’t forget to check print and online ads for what you’re looking for -- ideally, you’ll know what you’ll be buying and how much you’ll be spending before you enter the store.

2. The earlier, the better.
If you want to snag those deals before everyone else, you’ll want to get there early...which, considering current Black Friday trends, can mean a lot of different things. For instance, Macy’s recently announced that it’ll be opening its doors at 6PM the night before -- so if you’ve really got your eye on something there, you might want to get your Thanksgiving dinner to go! Kidding aside (we think), get those 6-to-8 hours of sleep, have a big breakfast, and start your day early, because that’s when you’ll get access to the most deals.

3. Dress smart.  
Sure, standing in line is the worst. But since we’re talking about the inevitable, you might as well get comfortable. Opt for a comfy pair of sneakers or boots, and wear stretchy, breathable fabrics -- you’ll definitely be moving around a lot. Also, if you’re the type who needs to try on something before you buy it, be sure to dress in lightweight layers so you can try on clothing over what you’re already wearing. (The only line you should be waiting in is the line for the cashier -- don’t bother with the line for the dressing room unless it’s really necessary!)  

4. Know the store’s return policy (and keep your receipts).
The only thing worse than buyer’s remorse is finding out that you can’t even return that awkward-fitting polka dot dress you only bought because it was a whole 70% off. (Hey, we’ve been there too.) Read up on the store’s return policy before you go, and stash all your receipts in an envelope safe in the recesses of your purse.

5. Download the Influenster App!
Need to do a little last-minute research before you commit to a purchase? Download the free Influenster app to have Influenster Nation at your fingertips. Think of it as your personal shopping assistant -- use the barcode scanner or the search engine to look up what you’re thinking about buying and get instant feedback from your fellow Influensters. And don’t forget to contribute to the cause -- be sure to post some reviews of your favorite purchases post-Black Friday, too!

What are your essential tips for shopping on Black Friday? Let us know in the comments below!