How To Pick the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Get the expectant parents what they actually need

A few years ago, my nickname became Kathryn Heigl because, barely a weekend went by when I wasn’t attending a wedding, 27 Dresses-style. Unsurprisingly, that just meant that 2020 has become the year of many baby showers. Now that six of the six expectant parents I know have safely delivered their 2020 babies, and a big shout out to anyone going through that process during this time, here’s a guide for finding the perfect present for a baby shower.

Step One: Check the registry.

If they’ve created a registry: don’t off-road. Respect the registry. There will be something on there that’s within your budget and tastes. Expectant parents do a lot of research, so even if you have a product you think works better than the one they asked for, this is one time we’re going to advise you to just defer to what they want.


Step Two: Get Digital 

Normally coming over to do a load of laundry with a lasagna and a promise to be on duty so a new parent can nap is possibly the perfect gift. But this is a scary time for a lot of people health wise, and baby’s immune systems need extra protection. So this year, take the lead from people who switched the physical location of the shower to zoom: go online. Meal delivery services are a great way to get a hot meal to tired new parents. 

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Step Three: Get Personal 

If you’re close with the parents-to-be, or they haven’t registered, think about shared interests or experiences you have with them. One of my friends speaks German because her mother and Grandmother are from Germany, so I got her a German animal alphabet print from Etsy. Another friend named their baby after a famous singer, so I put together a little collection of that artist’s music. Even if it’s a store you know they love, thinking about the person you know and what is important to them is always a good idea. If they’re deeply minimalistic people, think about getting some soft, neutral colored onesies instead of a frilly outfit. 

Step Four: Get Practical.

Diapers. When in doubt, get diapers. Lots of diapers. Babies need diapers, and they are expensive. Diaper cakes may have been en vogue in the past few years, but consider setting up a weekly delivery for the parents. Also good to have: Wipes. Bottles. Laundry detergent. Dishwashing soap. These are hard economic times for a lot of us right now, and sometimes the best gift is a very utilitarian one. 

Step Five: Take care of the parents to be too 

Baby clothes are adorable, and stuffed animals can be very fun to shop for, but I like to always include a little something for the new parent. Whether it’s a face mask, something to drink, cozy slippers, or comfy hair ties, or products just for people who’ve recently been pregnant, I think it’s a nice way to say we care about you and the baby.


What is your go to baby shower gift? What’s the best gift you got at your own baby shower? Tell us in the comments! 



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