6 Ways To Accent Your Ice Cubes

Let's be honest, at most parties, it's all about the drinks. Whether you're keeping it casual or aiming for a more elegant vibe, ice cubes can add a subtle accent to your drink or completely make it—and definitely not break it! Sorted by category, these ice cubes will spice up any drink or cocktail.

Citrus Ice Cubes

Lemons, limes, or oranges freeze well in ice cubes—not to mention they are so refreshing in a glass of (citrus) ice water! You can even incorporate these into a healthy detox! Speaking of, do you know all the benefits of the star of any citrus fruit, vitamin C?

Fruity Ice Cubes

Raspberry and blueberry-filled ice cubes are great to drop into a tall glass of champagne. 

Herbal Ice Cubes

Looking to "spice" up your favorite tea? Throw in some herbs from the garden. While you're at it, make actual iced tea cubes so your drink won't get watered down and lose flavor! 

Floral Ice Cubes

Although edible flowers don't have a lot of flavor, they are an absolutely gorgeous addition to any drink. Have you seen this Edible Flowers Garden by DuneCraft? If you want the flowers in your cubes to truly shine, opt for a clear drink. Vodka tonic, anyone?

Coffee Ice Cubes

This is the same idea as with the iced tea cubes we mentioned above! If you have leftover coffee in the morning, throw it in an ice cube tray for an iced coffee later. Again, this will only enhance, not water down, your cup of joe! If you're a real coffee fanatic, then you already know about these handy apps—if not, read up!


Grape Ice Cubes

Instead of trapping grapes in a cube of frozen water, just freeze them alone! Have green and red grapes on hand and throw them in a glass of wine! It will chill the wine perfectly, and when you finish the glass, you'll have a wine-soaked grape to enjoy—yum. Keep this in mind for when you host your next wine and cheese party


Which of these are you going to try first? Let us know!

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