How to Look Stylish in a Hat

How to Look Stylish in a Hat

Whether it’s the summer humidity or winter storms, or just another bad hair day, there are always going to be times when your hair just can’t take it any longer. Hats have become a great option to hide the messy ‘do, but also add great fashion sense to any look. With hats to match any outfit and every trend, you’re bound to find one that fits your style. Here are some of my favorite hats to instantly take your hair from shabby to chic!


First, let's break down the types of hats there are out there:



Now, let's see which is best for you!



Often coming in both straw and felt, fedoras are an easy fix for any seasonal outfit needing a pick-me-up. Classic straw fedoras like this one from Nordstrom can tie together a look for just about any occasion!


Floppy Hat

floppy hat

Floppy hats are an easy way to transform an outfit from drab to fab. Wool and felt floppy hats add drama and sophistication to fall and winter looks, while straw floppy hats are perfect for looking stylish under the sun during spring and summertime. This floppy hat from ASOS would be the perfect addition to any staple wardrobe.


Bowler Hat

bowler hat

For anyone looking for an adorable, vintage look, this hat is for you! The bowler style is perfect for those not so daring to try more fanciful hats yet still wanting to make a fierce fashion statement. One of my favorites is this sweet dusty pink felt bowler from Boohoo, which I easily picture pairing with countless outfits for any season!


Baseball Cap

baseball cap

True vintage baseball caps, in my opinion, are some of the best accessories out there: they are beyond comfortable, shade you from the sun, and feature a timeless look that will really complete your outfit. (Faux) leather baseball caps like this one from Abercrombie & Fitch have become a new trendy alternative, bringing a sleek and chic look to the American classic. Definitely something to pick up if you're looking to take your hat game to the next level.


Panama Hat

panama hat

Featuring a wider, flatter brim than the fedora, the panama hat, like this one from Nasty Gal, has become a must-have for anyone needing shade with style. Throw one like this simple but sartorial option on with tousled waves, paired with anything from skinny jeans to an elegant tunic or dress, for that certain je ne sais quoi.


Boater Hat

boater hat

Boater hats have such a retro, Mary Poppins-like vibe to them. Can you even imagine how cute a straw boater hat would be with your favorite summer dress?! For days frolicking among flowers or sticking toes into the sand, a straw boater hat like this one from Forever 21 is what I consider an essential spring or summer accessory.


What are you favorite hats to look stylish? Have a go-to hat for any given bad hair day? Share with us in the comments below!

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