How To: Last Minute Halloween Party Theme

How To: Last Minute Halloween Party Theme

With only a day until Halloween, the last minute costume panic is starting to set in for a lot of people. But what about our party hosting Influensters? If you’re planning a Halloween party this weekend and want to switch up the theme, we might have the perfect solution for you! 

Avoid the graveyards, cobwebs, and ghosts this year and go for a villainess themed party! This approach means a brighter color scheme, fancier cocktails, and it helps give your guests some ideas for costumes right away.

Here are some ideas and recipes for the perfect villainess party.

1. Decorate with vibrant reds and midnight blacks

Red is such a powerful color and a lot of our favorite villainesses seem to be drawn to the color.


Beistle Balloon Weight Red ($3.02)

Beistle Balloon Weight Red

Cheung's 3 Piece Vinyl Queen of Hearts Book Box Set ($52.55)

Cheung's 3 Piece Vinyl Queen of Hearts Book Box Set


2. Serve cocktails that your guests will remember.

Maleficent Cocktail:

Queen of Hearts Cocktail: Find the recipe here

Ursula Cocktail:

How else would you put together this theme? Let us know in the comments below and Happy Halloween! 


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