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How to: Host a Wine and Cheese Night

How to: Host a Wine and Cheese Night

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Wine and Cheese...everyone wants to be an expert, but few know how. The knowledge required to put together a wine and cheese party can be daunting. Between the different pairings of cheese to wine and how/when to taste them, even the concept of wine and cheese is surrounded by pretensions which can deter most of us from even thinking of a wine and cheese night. However, fear not Influensters! If you are one of the many wanna-be wine and cheese participants, want no longer!

Wine and cheese is a staple amongst my friends and I. A staple which signifies a time to vent, to catch up, and to drink a variety of wines while having delicious cheese. Once a month, my friends and I will gather and engage in this intimidating event known as “Wine and Cheese.” I am here to share my amateur secrets with you, as well as 5 pairings which I use on my monthly wine and cheese menu! Enjoy!


1. Sauvignon Blanc + Mozzarella Cheese


2. Cabernet Sauvignon + Jarlsberg


3. Champagne + Brie


4. Chardonnay + Havarti


5. Merlot + Gouda


Some Helpful Tips: 

Experimentation and research are the best ways to make your wine and cheese parties the best they can be. Research different pairings on the internet and experiment with your own favorites (Part of the tasting is to see what you like!)

Most wine and cheese pairings go well with white wine. However, there are some reds out there that go well with cheese. If you love red wine like I do, keep searching.

When sampling multiple pairings, be sure to start with the lightest cheeses/wines and end on the sharper cheeses/wines so none of the pairings are overshadowed.

Have fun! Wine and cheese is as much about the people tasting as it is about the wine and cheese. As long as you and your friends are having fun, you can only improve your wine and cheeses.


Have another favorite wine and cheese pairing? Share it with us in the comments below!

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