How to Have a Virtual Halloween Party

We have just enough treats up our sleeves

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

Halloween is a day that many of us look forward to all year. Hours, days and even months can be spent planning the perfect Halloween costume — so much so, that some people may even start their costume brainstorm on November 1st! But as the countdown to Halloween 2020 draws near, we're having to think about how to celebrate All Hallows' Eve in this new world of social distancing and quarantine.

A virtual Halloween party could make for the perfect way to celebrate one of your favorite days of the year. In fact, for some of us in the colder regions, hosting or attending a virtual party could open up a ton more costume opportunities, now that you won't have to factor in layers or jackets. 

If you're thinking about hosting a virtual Halloween party, consider creating party packs that you can mail or drop off at guests' homes in advance of the festivities. You may want to include some helpful items to enhance the at-home experience for the ideas below. Or send out a party supplies list with your invite to ensure everyone will be ready to partake in all of the virtual Halloween fun.

Ready to get party planning? Take a look at some of the makings for a virtual Halloween party: 

Bake a sweet treat together. While trick or treating in big groups may be off the table, you can choose a recipe that is simple to execute and incorporates some favorite Halloween candy ingredients to make together virtually. Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter-anything could be a crowd-pleasing option. Or perhaps consider opening up a vote to all attendees on what to make. You could also keep things simple and go the no-bake route with these Oreo Spiders. 

Photo Credit: Sheri Silver

Conjure up a cocktail or a mocktail. Depending upon the guest list, a signature Halloween drink could include alcohol or be just as tasty and fun sans any liquor. Just be sure to get creative and make it equal parts creative and tasty. 

Paint petite pumpkins. Carving a pumpkin may be a more traditional activity, but it's also messy. And, if you're creating party packs, a smaller pumpkin could be much easier to transport. Not to mention that carving requires a lot of attention. Painting a pumpkin can help keep guests from getting too distracted with their projects instead of actually virtually chatting with eachother. 

Photo Credit: Carmen Gonzalez

Send out a spooky playlist. No Halloween party is complete without some spooky or festive tunes. Curate a Spotify playlist of your favorite Halloween songs — Monster Mash should definitely be included —and share it out with your virtual party goers. 

Play a game. Let's face it, bobbing for apples was never sanitary. Instead consider playing a Halloween Trivia game or even a virtual game of charades or Scrabble

Photo Credit: Paige Cody

Have a costume or virtual background contest. You may be staying in, but you can still go all out with your costume, especially if there is a winning title of Best Costume at stake. Need a little costume inspo? Check out these perfectly spooky yet pretty Ballerina and Broken Doll Halloween Makeup looks. You could also lean in to the whole virtual party idea and have guests compete for the best virtual backdrop. Have different categories like, Most Scary or Most Unique. The winner or winners could receive a prize like a virtual gift card to a meal delivery service — that is, if the title in itself is not enough of an incentive. 

Consider phoning in a psychic or tarot card reader. There are psychics or tarot card readers that are available for virtual events, adding this element to your party could be a nice surprise for the group. You could also try reading tarot cards yourself as a group, or take a look at our latest Influenster Tarot Card Reading for the week. 

Photo Credit: Viva Luna Studios 

If you are planning on hosting your very own virtual Halloween party, be sure to send along all necessary information, like logins and necessary supplies, along with the invitation. This way everyone will show up ready to party!

How will you be celebrating Halloween this year? If you're having a virtual party yourself, what would you add to our list?