How To: Get Bosslady Brows

How To: Get Bosslady Brows

Eyebrow care is an art, and I would like to take a moment to honor our oft-abused and yet faithful ally in aesthetic beauty: The Eyebrow.Eyebrows don’t get nearly the respect or attention that they deserve, despite playing such a critical role on our faces. Perhaps that’s because they don’t seem to have ever played a particularly important role in human survival, and anyone with a grandpa knows that they take on a life of their own after the age of 60 (seriously, don’t they ever stop growing???).

1. Allow your brows to grow to their natural fullness. Everyone’s eyebrows are different but they are so important to our overall look so we have to learn to rock what our boss mamas gave us, right? That said, unless you are Brooke Shields then you probably need to stick with PLUCKING and TRIMMING to minimize unwanted casualties. I don’t know about you, but I prefer not to part with those hairs that sometimes get inconveniently removed by wax or thread.

2.Don’t underestimate the importance of trimming instead of removal. Sometimes your brows just need a little trimming. Why remove the entire hair if you just need to trim it into shape? A big mistake people make is plucking, threading, or waxing more hair when trimming the excess length really the answer.

3. Invest in some decent tweezers and some little scissors. Proper eyebrow care requires the right tools. No wax. No mini shaving tools

4. Consult with a trained professional who can carefully evaluate the unique shape of your face and sculpt your eyebrows one precious hair at a time. Not all brow shapes are universally flattering. If you must DIY, study photos of classic beauties like Hepburn, Kelly and Loren, and diligently research face shapes along with eyebrow shaping tips and plucking techniques using the vast tutorial network of YouTube.

5. Fill and shape your brows carefully using a product designed for that region for best results, but don’t overdo it. RuPaul is gorgeous, but you don’t want to look like a drag queen, honey. *double snap, sashay* There are wonderful brow gels, mousse, and powders on the market. Not sure what color to get? Always err on the side of slightly lighter than your natural brow hue (for brunettes) and perhaps a touch darker (for blondes and redheads).

In review....

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