How to Fix Your Beauty Blunders with a Q-Tip

We’re all subject to the occasional beauty blunder, regardless if mother nature is on our side for the day or not. Thankfully, with the help of double-duty toiletry products, we can fix these mistakes when we’re pressed for time. Our favorite trusty tool when this situation arises? Cotton swabs! We’re giving you a quick crash course on how to do makeup damage control.

Blunder #1: Eyeshadow fallout

The fix: It’s almost inevitable this will happen with a smokey eye. One rule of thumb, if you’re dealing with heavy-duty eyeshadow (deep silvers, plums, etc.) try applying eyeshadow first before your foundation. But, if you like to stick to your usual routine and fallout occurs, take a clean cotton swab and press firmly into the mess. This will sweep away excess product without scuffing up your foundation.

Blunder #2: Smudged mascara

The fix: Hey, it happens to the best of us. If you can catch it fast enough while the product is still damp, take a Q-tip and firmly twist the smudge away. If you wait a couple minutes and the mascara dries, dip a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and swipe it off–it comes off cleaner than makeup removing wipes. 

Blunder #3: Overdone brows

The fix: Sometimes we get a little too carried away when we're using Cara Delevingne as brow inspo. If you aren't happy with the way your brows turned out, simply smudge away some of the product using a Q-tip. It'll appear more soft and natural this way!  

Blunder #4: Feathering lipstick

The fix: Take a dry Q-tip and twist lightly over the blemish. When you're done, apply concealer to the lines of your lips for extra definition.

Blunder #5: Liquid liner 

The fix: OK, let's be honest, everybody takes a stab at that cat eye before nailing it. A pointed Q-tip dipped in a small amount of makeup remover will clean the mess in no time. In fact, it actually makes it look more defined. 

Are you the queen of the occasional beauty blunder? How do you clean up the mess? Tell us in the comments below!

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Claire R.
Claire R.
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