5 Household Items That Will Fix Broken Makeup

Did you know that you already have the five magic ingredients you need to fix all that broken makeup you have at home? Before you toss those crushed blushes, clumpy mascaras, or dried-up eyeshadows, take a look through your cabinets and pull out these five magic fixer-uppers.

Plastic wrap for fixing shattered blush or powder compacts.

Tightly wrap the open compact in plastic wrap and break up the already shattered bits until they're a fine powder. The plastic wrap will easily keep all of the product in place while you mold your compact's contents back into shape.

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Rubbing Alcohol to make your powdered makeup one piece again.

Once your powdered formula is truly powdered, sprinkle a few drops of rubbing alcohol into your compact to saturate the product. Place the plastic wrap back over it and press down to shape the contents back into their container, let dry, and voilà! You'll have a good-as-new compact.

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Lubricating Eye Drops to restore your mascara.

Unscrew your mascara and remove the wand from the tube. Add a few eyedrops, replace the wand, and twist it closed. Gently flip the tube upside down and right side up a few times to distribute the drops, and you're back in business!

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Packing Tape for bringing old eyeshadow back to life.

If your eyeshadow compact has a hard film on it, don't toss it! Chances are, it's been exposed to oil from your fingertips or has dried out. Take a piece of packing tape, press it over the product, and remove the tape and the film. It's like pain-free, product-reviving waxing!

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Olive Oil for saving creme shadows and gel liners.

Add a drop or two of olive oil in either of these products and mix with a toothpick! They'll rehydrate them in a pinch and keep your eyes poppin'.

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What are your makeup-fixing tricks? Tell us in the comments below!

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