How to Film a Product Review: Do's & Don'ts

Influenster is the go-to destination for anyone who wants to discover products, tell others about them, and be rewarded for his/her influence. We have more than 16 million product reviews, written and filmed by Influensters like you! A big part of being an Influenster is sharing these reviews to help others make informed purchasing decisions.

So, before you upload your video reviews and share your valuable opinions, check out the video above for some quick tips and read below for the do's and don'ts of filming a product review.

1. When to Make Your Video
DO: Try the product before you review it.
DON'T: Write your review based on assumptions. Make sure you try the product first so the review is as accurate as possible. Reviews that begin with “I have not tried this product” will be removed.

2. Lighting
DO: Use natural or flattering lighting. If you have access to a ring light, seize that opportunity—ring lights are a beauty guru's best friend.
DON'T: Stand under harsh or fluorescent lighting or in an area that's too dark. Try to eliminate shadows.

3. Setting
DO: Consider where you're filming. Make sure your space is clean, organized, and not distracting. 
DON'T: Film in a messy area or have other people visible in the background.

4. Sound
DO: Record with clear, unmuffled sound.
DON'T: Film while a dog is barking, loud music is playing, or your roommate is vacuuming.

5. Clarity
DO: Make sure you and the product are in focus.
DON'T: Upload a blurry video.

6. Product Display
DO: Hold the product with the brand facing out.
DON'T: Cover product with your hand so you can't see what it is.

7. Honest Review
DO: Discuss what you like and dislike, how the product worked, how long you used it.
DON'T: Watch another Influenster's review and use the same wording.

8. Disclosure
DO: Provide proper disclosure—I received this product free from Influenster for testing purposes.
DON'T: Omit that you received this product free for testing.

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