How to Dress Your Nails

Today I'm here to show you nail patches that I received from the lovely Gwen, behind the e-shop Dress Your Nails.

I picked a glittery pink and blue aztec pattern that comes like this:

In the pack, we find 14 patches and 7 different sizes -- and for once, the sizes fit my nails perfectly.

Once you have found the size you need, it's time for application and I can tell you it is a real pleasure! Unlike other patches I've tried, those are very thin and flexible and it makes them so easy to apply! Just place them on the nail, fold, file the excess and that's it! I personally did not apply top coat because I wanted to keep the slightly textured glitter effect.

Regarding the wear power, the website states 'up to 11 days" but I can't really judge. Still, I've kept this mani for 5 days before really wanting to change which already is an achievement compared to other brands that only last for one evening or 2 days max! In a word, these patches won me over!

You can find this pattern and lots of other ones, as well as water decals and nail accesories on Dress Your Nails. Bonne journée!

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