Beauty 101: Neck Contouring

From an expert!

ByCaitlin M.

Just when we feel like we've finally mastered the contouring trend, there's a new version of the makeup look taking the beauty world by storm: neck contouring. Yes, you read that right. Cousin to the facial-contouring trend you know and love, neck contouring is making the rounds on Instagram. Here's everything you need to know to master the trend.

What it is:

Exactly as it sounds, neck contouring is a technique in which bronzer is applied to give the illusion of definition on the neck. You can try the look on the back of the neck behind your hairline or more commonly, in the front around the clavicle and chin. 

What it does:

Just as with any form of contouring, this technique is used to elongate, enhance, or define a specific area.

How to do it:

"When contouring the neck area, I suggest starting from the around jawline working down, so you that have a more blended, realistic contour," says New York City makeup artist and beauty expert Neil Scibelli

Next, he says to start bronzing around the perimeters of your lower jaw line, making sure to cover all three sides of the neck. Then blend the product downward into the neck. Next, with slightly more product on the brush, apply the bronzer to both sides of the neck, working downwards. For a more detailed contour, Scibelli says to apply some of your matte bronzer to the inner hollows of the neck muscles, which you can find by turning your head both ways. "This will give a more sculpted, slimmer look to your neck," he explains.

Lastly, add a little of your matte bronzer to the inner hollows of your clavicle muscles—located just above your chest—to accentuate your decolletage. 

Mistakes to avoid: 

"To make sure you're not overdoing it, start light with your product and build up," suggests Scibelli. "Take a light sweep of your bronzer and dust off the excess product before hitting it on your skin." 

What products to use:

The obvious product needed for this look is a bronzer. Scibelli prefers a matte bronzer that contains no shimmer and does not have an orange or red undertone. He recommends, Benefit Hoola Bronzer ($29 at Sephora) and Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer ($30 at Sephora), which Scibelli notes comes in three shades so you can find the appropriate one for your skin tone. "You'll also need a fan brush or blush brush [that] will work for powder formulas," he adds! Try Sephora Collection Pro Fan Brush ($28 at Sephora) or Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Blush Brush ($5.29 at Target), both of which are Influesnters' favorites!

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