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How to Decorate Your Dorm Room

How to Decorate Your Dorm Room

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With August flying by, most college students around the country are packing up their bags and heading back to campus until Thanksgiving. As for me, I’m going back to school with the very resolute belief that my living space will be beautiful despite the conditions. That’s right people – I’m not letting paint-chipped white walls and unbelievably heavy doors and the doctor’s office aesthetic of my living space drag me down. I’m on a mission to liven the place up, make it as pretty, cozy and welcoming as possible. Wondering how I’ll do it? Check out some of my creative (and yet, seemingly obvious) techniques for having a fabulous dorm room:

1. Give yourself a canopy with Apartment Therapy's tutorial.

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Using an embroidery hoop, two curtain panels, and command hooks along with some basic sewing tools, you can make yourself a crafty, cozy hiding spot within your fabulous little nook (and by that, we mean closet-sized dorm room). No matter how small your space is this canopy is a nice, one-of-a-kind touch any crafty girl should add to her décor.


2. Decorate the dull with washi tape.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Washi tape quite possibly the best invention for dorm rooms since Christmas lights. What is washi tape? Think masking tape, but much prettier. Available at just about every craft store, washi tape will liven up the dull whites and awful wooden chairs that you typically find in a dorm. Line these bad boys up every chair, on every wooden drawer – go wild! Pick different patterns and liven up your living space with splashes of colors and polka dots galore. You won’t regret it – and if you do? Washi tape is removable.


3. Love your throw pillows

I quite literally have nearly 6 throw pillows on my bed at school, rendering it the most comfortable, homey bed in all of campus (my friends can validate this). Throw pillows make for comfy hangouts – you can sit on them if you have too many people to fit on the bed, and make for the perfect companions on a sleepy Sunday. WARNING: If you're having trouble waking up for your 8 AM, you surely won’t now.


4. Not sure how much open floor you will have? Get two smaller rugs.

Photo courtesy of Glitterin

This is a lot easier than measuring your bed, or buying a rug without knowing the meausurements of your space. Getting two smaller rugs – even ones that are different shapes – makes for a more versatile room, adds some funky style, and brings more color into the normally dull rooms.


5. Introduce yourself to tapestries. 

Photo courtesy of chalkandmell

If your dorms are anything like mine, you’ve got a lot of wall space, and not nearly enough money to cover it all up. Posters, especially the good ones, can be expensive and time consuming. But tapestries? Not so much. You can find cheap, large tapestries on Amazon and Urban Outfitters.


How will you decorate your dorm? Let us know in the comments below!

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