How to curl your own hair with a curling iron

How to curl your own hair with a curling iron

Always wondered what the trick was to curling your own hair?  Here's the foolproof method for getting those beautiful curls in just a few simple steps, using only a curling iron.


How to curl your own hair


1. Start with a section that's about two-inches wide -- I like to go a little thicker because I like my curls full and loose. For tighter curls, use less hair.

2. Wrap hair around the barrel starting close to your scalp and turn away from your face.

3. Turn iron while pressing the lever with your thumb to let in more hair.

4. Continue to turn and press, letting in more hair into the barrel until ends are tucked. (You might need to hit the lever a couple times whil you turn -- find the rhythem that works best for you.)

5. Hold the curl tight to your head for 15 seconds.


Continue this process throughout your hair, making sure to always turn the curls away from your face. (This will help give your hair that flattering, face-framing shape -- even if the curls relax throughout the day.)


After you've curled all of your hair, run your fingers quickly through to loosen the curls.


Finish with a quick spritz of hairspray to lock in the style. I like to use Aussie Instant Freeze.


Voila! Curled and ready to go!


Do you have any tips for curling your own hair? Have a favorite curling iron or finishing product? Let us know in the comments below.