How to Contour According to Your Face Shape

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It might seem simple—darken here, lighten there—but let's be real—contouring is a craft. And, depending on your specific face shape, the spots where you should place your product can differ. We have everything you need to know about contouring and highlighting—straight from an Insta-famous beauty guru. Lilit Caradanian, a.k.a. @MakeUpbyLilit, shared her top tips with us and we're here to show you how to contour your face according to your face shape.

Face shape does matter: Rule number one of contouring—it's not the same for everyone. Your face shape absolutely matters when properly contouring! Just as a haircut can be better suited to a certain face shape, placement of product can differ based on your face shape.

"Contouring is really important when trying to create a face shape illusion," explains Lilit. "For example, long faces can't get away with pompadours and high hairs, they need to either add some bangs or bigger hair going out from the sides of the ears. For makeup, same thing, you need to contour the forehead and chin and not so much around the sides of the face." So how do you know where exactly to apply your bronzer? Read on for Lilit's guide!



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How to contour:

* A round/oval face: If you have a round face, Lilit recommends focusing on chiseling down the sides of the face as opposed to focusing on the forehead and chin. Explains Lilit. "The oval shape is the ideal shape, so they can typically contour in any direction."

* A square face: "A square face needs to contour around the sides of the forehead and the jaw line to make those "square" edges disappear and give the illusion of a more oval shape," says Lilit. Buff product around the edges of the jaw and temples to minimize and harshness.

* A heart-shaped face: "Because a heart-shaped face already has a more prominent chin, focus your contouring on your forehead," says Lilit. Apply bronzer or a dark contour shade around the temples and buff outward to give the illusion of a more elongated appearance.

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What is your favorite contour palette? Let us know—better yet, share your review!

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