4 Tips for Caring for Rapunzel-Like, Long Hair

Long hair don't care!

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

You waited so patiently to have the mane of your dreams. Talking yourself out of a rash decision to chop off all your hair in favor of the new trendy bob. Diligently taking biotin every day. And now that you're basically the hair model of your crew, you have it all right? Except, as anyone who's had long hair knows, having luscious long locks isn't quite what it's cracked up to be. Fighting tangles daily, seeing split ends pop up out of no where, getting your hair caught in lip gloss, awkwardly zipping up your hair into your jacket—yep, these are all too real for anyone with Rapunzel-like hair. 

Thankfully, we chatted with Laura Polkoscunci celebrity stylist (and hairstylist to Nikki Reed, Chrissy Teigen, and Vanessa Hudgens—just to name a few!) to get her top tips for caring for long hair.

Brush it out

"Don’t let your long hair matt up underneath, which for all of us who have long hair, you know exactly what I am talking about," says Laura. As much as we love the "woke-up-like-this" look, it's not necessarily the best option for those with super long hair.

In fact, the best way to avoid knots is to prevent them by brushing hair often before knots can even form! "But if it’s already knotted, brush out from the ends and work your way up to the root to eliminate breakage," she says. Carefully brushing your strands can make all the difference in health and shine too. "Mason Pearson brushes are the best for shine and detangling," Laura adds. "The combination of nylon and boar bristles is key!"

Keep it conditioned

If you have kinky or tight curls, brushing might not be a great option for you. And that's ok! To help avoid unwanted knots, reach for a strong conditioner. "Every time you condition, use a deep conditioner," says Laura. "Switch it up between moisture-based and protein/keratin-based masks." Influensters rave about SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Masque Deep Treatment, which douses hair with a burst of hydration to repair damage promote growth. Laura also suggests using a detangling or conditioning spray post-shower time to minimize the possibility of tangles. 

Avoid heat...no, for real

We hate to break it to you, but if you're really concerned with keeping your lengthy locks looking their best, avoiding heat is really the best option. Try letting your hair air dry and opting for sleek ponytails, fun braids, or even adding in a hair accessory or two! Keep it all together with a hair elastic that won't fail. Try scunci hair elastics, which Influensters love for both thick and thin hair.

But if you simply must take heat to your hair, make sure that you get all the moisture out first before taking a blow dryer or flat iron to it. (Hair is most vulnerable when it's wet!) Try wrapping your hair into a water-wicking hair towel such as the Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Towel, which utilizes a propriety technology of ultra-fine fibers woven together to create channels that wick away water. Influensters swear by this product to soak up excess moisture. And of course, use a heat protector before bringing the heat! TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray claims the #1 spot among heat protectors on Influenster.

Get a trim but only a little one

You might be tempted to skip the salon visit, but a little trim can help remove the split ends that are causing breakage and frizz—just make sure it's a true trim. "Find someone who really will just trim and not set you back two inches every time," says Laura. "And once you do, you really only need to hit them up once or twice a year," she says. To make sure you don't end up with a new hair cut every time you get a trim, simply talk to your stylist before any scissors are picked up. A trim can mean two very different things to different people!

What products do you use to keep your long hair healthy? Share with us your picks!

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