How To: Care for Curly Hair

How To: Care for Curly Hair

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My Curly Hair-ed Journey:

When I was little, I always wanted curly hair. I’d plead to get a perm, but was never allowed to. Then all of a sudden, puberty hit and bam! I seemed to go from stick straight hair to crazy curls! After a while, I found my curls not as wonderful as I once thought they would be. They were unruly, frizzy and suddenly I felt everyday was a bad hair day. That was until I decided I would have to straighten it…daily. In doing this, I added an hour and a half to my morning routine, and I found out the hard way what heat did to your hair…

I would then embark on my long journey to learn how to control, love, and embrace my curls. Unfortunately, when I was growing up the internet was not around for me to look up tips and tricks to try. On top of that, my mom didn't have curly hair, so she couldn’t really help me either.

Not All Hair Care Products Are Equal:

During my journey I came to find out that not all hair care products were created equally. Not all salon-recommended products worked as promised, and neither did the ones on the supermarket shelf. But, these are the ones I've found to deliver just what your curly hair needs. Last year I discovered Paul Mitchell’s hair care line for curls and love their Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo. It’s sulfate-free, meaning out won't dry out your hair, and even though it states cleans, conditions and detangles in one step, I couldn't let go of using their Super Strong Daily Conditioner. Which totally moisturizes and I like the added SPF protection for my hair. Paul Mitchell’s Full Circle Leave-in Conditioner is great for providing moisture without weighing your hair down and controlling frizz. Paul Mitchell’s Ultimate Wave Beachy Texture Cream-Gel adds control to your frizz while giving soft but defined curls.

Here's The Path To Perfect Curls:

1. Get rid of your hair brush and towel.

2. Start with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Curly hair needs lots of moisture.

3. Comb your hair while you have conditioner on your hair and don't use it again. Rinse with cool water to close the cuticle, locking in moisture and shine.

4. Dry your hair using a cotton t-shirt. Throw your hair upside down, take the shirt in both your hands and scrunch upwards to remove excess water. Work in a small amount of leave-in conditioner and styling product. Scrunch again. If needed to define some ringlets wrap small individual sections around your fingertip and hold for ten seconds.

5. Air dry or diffuse.


Extra tips and tricks: * Moisturize with a deep treatment every week. (This is my Sunday routine.) I saturate my hair with my treatment, put on my shower cap and let it sit for thirty minutes. Every other week I’ll add heat over the shower cap, using my hair dryer for ten to fifteen minutes for deeper hydration.

** If you’re just starting out with moisturizing hair care products, give them a few weeks to really work. Your hair is super thirsty so it’ll take some time to hydrate. If after a month they aren’t working, find something else until you find what works for you. Note: products mentioned are products I personally use and buy. I’ve not been given samples or received any type of compensation for mentioning them here.

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