How to Become the Ultimate Beach Bum

How to Become the Ultimate Beach Bum

You’ve finally finished the prep work to plan the ultimate beach day: you’ve scheduled the date, filled up the gas tank, and packed the lunch baggies. Now, it’s time to fully embrace the life of a beach bum (or, if you’re like me, you’ve already happily taken on the beach bum persona but just need the actual ocean to complete the look). Whether it’s a single day trip or a tropical getaway, there are several staples you’ll need to check off your list before hitting the sand.

Sittin’ Pretty

Beach chairs

Seating options at the beach are a very critical factor to consider during your day at the beach. Either way, you’ll obviously want to optimize location and comfort but minimize lingering sand after you leave. The classic choice is a simple beach towel like this adorable one from Martha Stewart, which is perfect for packing in a tote and lying out on to soak in some sun. If you’re looking to spend your time with your toes in the sand while reading a good book, I recommend a foldable beach chair. This beach chair features a head cushion, making it perfect for kicking back and getting lost in your book with the ocean waves as your background music. Last but not least, if you’re looking to brave the waves, you won’t want to forget your floatie! If the water’s calm enough, you might just find yourself in paradise atop something like this inflatable pool float, coasting along with the current. Just be sure you don’t float too far!


Throwin’ Shade

beach essentials, sunglasses, floppy hat, umbrella

We all love the dose of Vitamin D that comes with a day at the beach. I mean, isn’t half the point of a beach day to perfect that bronzed summer tan?! That being said, while we all have varying ranges of skin sensitivities, it’s always good to plan ahead and have some shade available at all times. Forgetting your sunglasses is the number one beach day no-no. If you’re looking to throw some serious shade with serious style, sport some classic Chanel sunnies. For added fashion points, a trendy floppy hat like this one from BCBG is perfect for some fun in the sun. To pack even more shady power, I’d make the effort to tote along a beach umbrella (try this rainbow one for added cuteness). Having one of these bad boys makes for a much-needed cool-off spot when the sun’s rays start to feel a little too strong.


Makin’ a Splash

waterprood camera, waterproof phone, speakers

For those looking to spend more time in the water than in the sand—listen up! Cooling off by taking a dip is the epitome of summer bliss at the beach. Be warned though, not everybody—or everything—is so keen on getting soaked! Protect your phone so that you can send out mid-ocean tweets with a waterproof phone cover. If Otterbox covers are just too expensive, try this iCat waterproof case for an inexpensive yet effective way to keep your phone safe and dry. Looking to take the ultimate deep-sea selfie? Pose pretty among the waves without a care with a waterproof camera. Not only is this Sony Cybershot camera waterproof, it also comes with a flotation attachment, which means you won’t have to worry about losing your camera to the dark ocean depths. Finally, if you’re planning on jammin’ out to tunes during your stay at the beach, try some waterproof speakers. With their water resistant coating, these Logitech UE Wireless Speakers should definitely be on your beach back packing list. You won’t have to worry about sand or water ruining them, so you have all the more reason to unashamedly blast One Direction as you build your sand castle (don’t worry, we won’t judge).

Feeling like a proper beach bum yet? Summer’s in full swing, and now you can finally feel prepared to take the beach by storm and make the most out of your tropical vacay.


When are your next plans to hit the beach? Have any other beach day essentials you just can’t live without? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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