How to Apply False Lashes Like a Beauty Vlogger

Lashes like a pro.

Need some assistance in the falsie application department? You're not alone. Having a loose false lash sits high on our list of biggest fears. Lucky for us, influencers in the biz know the tricks of the trade on all things beauty.

We chatted with two vloggers Ann Le and Nikki Phillippi to get their secret on mastering the art of fluttery strips. Plus, these same ladies recently launched false lashes with British brand Eylure for its Vlogger Series Lash Care! Read more about how they confidently rock a set of falsies, plus their new lashes you can get your hands on, too! 

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Wearing false lashes for the first time can be pretty intimidating, what advice do you have for people who are nervous to try them?

Ann Le: "Honey, there is nothing to be nervous about! The best thing about false lashes is that it’s not permanent! If you mess up, you can always try again. That’s how everyone starts off. You’re going to make many mistakes until you find the right method of application and style of lashes for you. Once you figure it out, a whole new world will open up for you and it’s going to be fun!" 

Nikki Phillippi: "It’s okay to be a little nervous when starting to wear lashes–I know I was! Try starting with a very natural lash. Also, practice putting them on! Watch videos on how to apply them and remember that no one is perfect right out of the gate, so don't stress too much." 

What’s your best tip for flawless lash application?

A.L.: "My favorite tip is to personalize the lashes by cutting them to fit. This will help you make sure the lash fits properly. For other great tips, I have a FalseLash101 video that is perfect for either a beginner or someone experienced with false lashes. I cover topics like how to personalize your lashes, where to place the glue, and how to put them on for the best results."

N.P.: "The best tip I can give was actually given to me. James Charles told me to use a pair of tweezers to push the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. Next, use tweezers to squeeze together the natural and false lash for a seamless look."

What shouldn't you do when it comes to applying false lashes?

A.L.: "You shouldn’t take them straight out of the box and glue them on immediately. They can irritate your eyes because of a bad fit. I recommend trimming the lashes to fit before gluing them on. Shopping for false lashes is like shopping for a nice pair of jeans. You want them to enhance your natural features and fit comfortably." 

N.P.: "Don't rush it and don't apply too much glue! Both of those things can create a disaster. Take your time and you will never need as much glue as you think! The less glue you use the more natural the base will look." 

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What’s the inspiration behind your lash names?

A.L.: "For 'So Lovely,' I wanted something versatile. They are perfect if you’re going somewhere photogenic, like on vacation or on a date with the babe. The lashes will stand out when you want to capture a memorable photo or vlog without overpowering your look. 'So Fancy' is inspired by the frustration of not being able to find a good pair of lashes for a smoky eye look. Most of the evening lashes I see are either too dramatic or heavy looking. They take away from the makeup and my eyes. I wanted something that will accent and complement my makeup, so I designed 'So Fancy' to fit that need."

N.P.: "I have always loved doing cat-eye makeup, and I wanted my lashes to not only resemble a cat-eye look but be named after that was well. My daytime lashes are 'Flirty Feline' because they are fun, light, natural, and overall just flirty! My night time lashes are '#MidnightMeow' and are a bit bolder, but still give you a pretty cat eye look."

Pick one place you'd flaunt your set of falsies!

A.L.: "If I have to pick one, it would be on Instagram!"

N.P.: "Out to dinner for a date night with my hubs!"

You can snag these fabulous strips at Walgreens for only $7.99. Start stocking up! Would you try a set? Tell us in the comments below!

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