3 Candies to Fuel Your Hot Cocoa Obsession


Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Cooler weather means the resurgence of cozy drinks (take a peek at our #CozyCup gallery to see what Influensters are sipping on!) and sweet treats galore! But what if we told you there was a way to combine the two for one magnificent mashup? We've been spotting one candy trend that's totally inspired by winter's classic drink, hot cocoa, hitting the shelves this holiday season and we're thinking it's the perfect way to get the best of both worlds.



m&m's hot cocoa



Hot cocoa-flavored candies are taking over many of your favorite sweets. In fact, just this season there are a number of brand new, exclusives hitting the shelves at your local Target. Just in time for your holiday snacking, Hot Cocoa M&M's ($3 at Target) just dropped. Although we've seen hot cocoa flavoring with M&M's before, this year we're getting #blessed with a marshmallow-y center. We're pretty sure you'll be the office favorite if you stock your desk with a bag of these treats.




dove hot cocoa


But that's not the only option for the hot cocoa connoisseur. Exclusive to¬†Target again comes Dove's take on the hot cocoa candy trend.¬†The Dove Holiday Hot Cocoa candies ($3.99 at Target) are the same creamy smooth chocolate squares you know and love from Dove‚ÄĒthis time, with a¬†marshmallow cr√®me center. Insert heart emoji here, are we right?

hershey's holiday hot cocoa kisses

And lastly, Hershey's is serving up Holiday Hot Cocoa Kisses ($3 at Walmart). Although not exclusive to Target (but don't worry, you can still get them there if you're on a Target roll), these kisses are marshmallow-filled chocolate drops that are ideal for afternoon snacking or dare we say it baking. 

Bottom line: No matter how you opt to indulge your sweet tooth, there's a way to fuel that hot cocoa craving. 

Which of these hot cocoa-flavore chocolates calls to you? Leave your pick below!

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