Hostess is Upping Your Morning Pastry Game

Grocery store—but make it fancy.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

When you think of Hostess pastries, chances are memories of elementary school lunch creeps to mind. Various cakes and pastries that you used to barter your way through lunch period. But, you might want to readjust your lunch boxes. Hostess is upping the game for adult snacking with their new Bakery Petites.

Inspired by Millennials' obsessions with all things Instagrammable fancy foods (sup, cake pops?!), these bite-sized snacks come in three tasty varieties. Plus, these snacks look so artisanal, we doubt anyone will ever know they came from a bag. As if the new flavors weren't enough to capture your attention (more on those below), the new Bakery Petites are made with better ingredients such as real chocolate, real vanilla, and real raspberries, with no artificial flavors or colors or high fructose corn syrup. 

As far as the flavors, you've got a little bit of something for all bakery aisle taste buds. There's the cake pop-inspired Bakery Petites cake delights, which boast double chocolate and white fudge vanilla creme-filled cake balls dipped in fudge coating and topped with sprinkles.

There's also the Crispi Thins, which are thin cookies that come in both fudge blondie and chocolate brownie flavors.

Crispi Thins

And lastly, there's the Brownie Delights, which are mini brownies that come in both chocolate chunk and chocolate raspberry flavors.

Brownie Delights
images courtesy Hostess

We don't know about you, but we're eyeing these for the perfect morning treat for our Royal Wedding watch party this Saturday. Grocery store, but make it fancy! The new Hostess Bakery Petites are available now.

Which flavor are you most excited to try? Share below!

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