Holiday Party Idea: Cheese Plate

Holiday Party Idea: Cheese Plate

With the holiday season starting, lots of people will be throwing holiday parties and get-togethers. I usually have a few to go to and I like to have friends over for game nights -- and since I've always wanted to put together a cheese plate for a get-together, I headed to Whole Foods and picked out a few cheeses.

I picked up a cracker assortment and some almonds to go with our cheeses. My husband and I went to the cheese counter and told them we were wanting to pick out a few good starter cheeses for our first attempt at a cheese plate so they helped us try some and pick some out. We ended up getting an Edam Holland, a fromage d'affinois guilloteau, a cranberry orange cheddar, and a vintage english cheddar.

The Edam Holland is similar to a gouda. It is a medium-flavored cheese and just the right amount of creamy/tangy. It was my favorite of the four we chose. It paired really well with the vegetable crackers. The fromage d'affinois guilloteau is a type of brie. It was super soft and spreadable and very creamy. It was wonderful on the round wheat and butter crackers. The cranberry orange cheddar was really sweet because of the cranberry but it was great on the graham crackers. The last cheese was the vintage english white cheddar, which is a white cheddar. It was extremely sharp but so good! We ate every bit of the cheeses we bought. It was a wonderful appetizer for our game night and everyone really enjoyed it. I learned at Whole Foods that you should always let your cheese come to room temperature before serving because it lets the flavors really come out -- and they're even more delicious.

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