Our Favorite Holiday Host Gifts

Stay on top of the holiday party circuit with these gift ideas.

Kaley W.
ByKaley W.

Showing up empty-handed to a holiday gathering takes the vibes from ho-ho-ho to ho-hum. A host gift is an appropriate token of thanks, but a great host gift is something that won’t wind up regifted or take up space in the back of a closet. These are a few of our top picks of gifts that will keep you on the invite list and off the naughty list. 

1. Drink Coasters

Remembering to use a coaster when visiting someone else’s house is nice, or you could level up by coming with your own set of four ceramic coasters. This marble and gold set is a dazzling way to keep tabletops protected.

2. Old Fashioned Mixer

Take the legwork out of a classic cocktail with the gift of an Old Fashioned mix. This is super concentrated, so a little goes a long way, and pairs best with aged spirits.

3. Archipelago Diffuser

Breathe in, breathe out. This calming scent has lavender to counter some of the stress surrounding the holidays and thyme for a whiff of something festive. 



4. Cheese Board Set

Cheeseboards and holiday hosting go hand in hand. This cabinet-friendly set is disguised as a book and folds up for optimal storage. If you want to break it in on the spot, bundle it with some brie cheese, a fruit spread, and crackers to keep the host and fellow guests happy. 

5. Hammered Wine Chiller

With this, the chilled wine goes where you go and not the other way around. Cut down on trips to the wine cooler and keep the party going.  

6. Frasier Fir Candle

Light this candle, close your eyes (in that order) to be transformed into a fresh-cut forest. This festive gift captures all the scents of the season. Plus, who in the history of wax and wicks has ever not been excited to receive a candle?

7. Mortar and Pestle

Perhaps your host likes to grow their own herbs or has a killer guac recipe. Maybe they’re just a Stone Age enthusiast, either way, a mortar and pestle is a solid addition to anyone’s kitchen accessories. 

8. Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Truff hot sauces turn everyday food into an indulgence. The only problem with gifting a set of truffle-infused hot sauces is it doesn’t include refills. Elevate scrambled eggs, avocado toast, nachos, just about anything you’d douse in hot sauce. 

9. Dessert and Baking Salts

While special salt might not be on every host's grocery list, they're a great way to get playful with appetizers and treats. Add some extra flavor to baked goods, cheeses, garneshes, and more!


​​Prepping for the holidays is a lot of work. These items are mostly evergreen, so they’re good to keep on hand for any last-minute invites to seasonal soirées. Anything we forgot? Let us know what your go-to gift ideas are!