Cute Heart-Shaped Dessert Recipes for Valentine's Day

Heart emoji applies to every single one of these.

Cupids, teddy bears with “Be Mine” written on them, kiss prints. There are lots of symbols associated with Valentine’s Day, but the most iconic one is the heart. If you’re looking to impress that special someone this V-Day with a big meal, there’s no better way to really show your love than with a heart-shaped dessert. If it contains chocolate, all the better. Get inspired with these heart-shaped dessert recipes from our fave food bloggers.

White and Dark Hearted Brownies By Smitten Kitchen 


You get two types of chocolate in each cute bite. Mix a set of brownies with bittersweet chocolate and another one with white chocolate. When they’re cooked and cooled, use a heart cutter to cut out the centers and place them in the other kind of brownie. Then make sure you arrange the brownies in a checkerboard pattern on a plate.

Hidden Heart Cupcake by How To Cook That


Some people like to wear their hearts on their sleeves while others like to hide their hearts in their cupcakes. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. You’re making your basic cupcakes but with some gelatin powder and red food coloring added in.

Chocolate Heart Cake by Annabel Karmel 

chocolate heart

Chocolate and hearts? Yes, please. It even has fresh raspberries and floral petals on the top of it. The only way you could get more romantic is if the cake sang a beautiful melody

Soft Cutout Sugar Cookies by Sally’s Baking Addiction 

soft cutout cookies

Say “I heart you” with these sweet cookies. You don’t need to be a pro decorator to do them. You just need some assorted sprinkles and some basic icing made with milk, confectioner’s sugar, and corn syrup.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts by One Little Project

chocolate strawberries

Are you more of an amateur baker? You can still wow your SO with these strawberry hearts. Grab some fresh strawberries, Nutella, and chocolate chips and get to work.

What is your go-to dessert for Valentine's Day? Let us know your tasty treat!