Add Haylie Duff's Burt's Bees Protein Powder Recipes to Your Morning Routine

Recipe inspo, ahead.

Believe it or not, you are what you eat. Your overall glow, complexion, and health ultimately depend on the foods your putting into your body. And beauty brands agree. That's why Burt's Bees rolled out plant-based protein shakes that are rumored to work wonders for your gut health and skin. 

The person they tapped as a new partner? Actress and cooking channel host, Haylie Duff. She created three recipes incorporating the protein powders, and they're so good you'll think they're cheat meals. We got the scoop on this new partnership and how she spices up those protein powders.

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First off, why was this partnership with Burt's Bees such a good fit for you?

"I grew up with Burt's Bees! They've been a brand I have trusted for so long, with makeup, skin care, and lotion. And when they asked me to develop recipes for them with the Protein Powder, I jumped at the chance. I feel very much in line with their philosophy on food and wellness."

So there's three protein shakes to choose from, but I'm sure you have a favorite. Which one do you typically turn to?

"My favorite is really the Healthy Radiance. I love skincare, so a protein powder that focuses on that is perfect for me. But I do love all three. They're so easy to make part of your daily routine. It's not something that's going to bulk you up. It's something to be integrated into your everyday life. And the fact that its plant-based and non-GMO makes it even better."

Do you feel any different after?

"Oh yeah—I feel so clean and healthy. I feel like I'm doing something good for my body. It's something that I look forward to! It just feels effortless to incorporate into my diet."


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Courtesy of Burt's Bees


You're always adding fun twists to your recipes on your blog, do you do the same with these?

"I'm always trying to incorporate new things into my recipes without getting too crazy. For the Green Vanilla Mint Smoothie (using Healthy Radiance), I add mints to add a natural boost of flavor. Then for Cherry Chocolate Smoothie (using Daily Protein), I added chia seeds because there's a lot of skin hydration benefits with those. And for the oatmeal recipe (using Daily Protein), I added bags of chai tea to make it a bit different. "

Cheat days? 

"I'm always striving for balance. I don't always eat healthy! I definitely indulge on the naughty foods, too! Pasta, pizza, everything. I think that's what life's all about—there's a way to balance clean days with the other times you want to go out with friends."

The new flavors include: Daily Protein, Protein + Gut Health (with probiotics), and Healthy Radiance (with vitamins A, C, and E for skin and hair). And, all three come in chocolate and vanilla flavors so you can pick your fave! And if you want the full recipe info, head over to!

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