Halo Top Launches Pops—And Yep, They're Low Cal


ByCaitlin M.

File this under the most delicious news we've heard all week: Halo Top launched new low-cal pops. Yep, the brand known for crazy flavors and crazy low-cal ice cream pints is launching a new product that's sure to make its way to the freezer of sweet treat lovers everywhere. 


halo top pops


The new Halo Top Pops are mini pop versions of the beloved ice cream. There's Mint Chip with a mint ice cream base and chocolate chips, Peanut Butter Swirl with a creamy nutty swirl throughout, a fruity yet rich Strawberry Cheesecake, and fan fave Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. With these four flavor options, the pops are already looking like a good addition to any weeknight meal. And what's more, at only 50 or 60 calories per pop, they're looking even that much sweeter.


halo top pops


And to top things off, these icy treat are hitting the freezer aisle just in time for Galentine's Day fun. And since each box contains six pop, you can grab your squad and get to snacking. These new pops are out now and are sold wherever you scoop up your OG favorite pint.

Spot a flavor that calls to you? Shave below which pop you'll be trying first! Already tried one? Drop a review on Influenster!