3 Simple Halloween Nails That Have Nothing to Do With Pumpkins

Simple Halloween Nail Designs to Get You Feeling Festive

ByCaitlin M.

With Halloween season already in full swing, we think it's perfectly acceptable to start wearing some Halloween inspired nails to match your state of mind. And although we're all about enjoying our pumpkin spice beverages and baked goods we're a little over the typical black and orange pumpkin mani. To help inspire your Halloween tips, we found three nail art ideas that have absolutely nothing to do with pumpkins.

Not into DIY nails? Don't worry. We also found some simple halloween nail wrap and press-on nail options to help you get the look—without all the effort.

Creepy Cat Eyes Simple Halloween Nails 



We're suckers for this subtle Halloween nail design. The all-black mani with two creepy cat eyes is understated and yet totally festive. You can even get by with this mani post Halloween night. Not sure you can muster the art on your own? Try:

Broadway Press-On Manicure Design in Gossip Ghoul ($5)

broadway press-on manicure design in gossip ghoul

This set of press-on nails gives you seasonal art and extra length in minutes. Simply remove adhesive backing and place on nails. Yep, it's that easy.

Blood Splatter Halloween Nails

There's only one time a year when wearing faux blood-splattered nails doesn't turn heads. Although this is pretty simple to create with a red polish and a bottle of another hue of choice, you simply choose your base color and haphazardly apply your favorite red hue—you can save yourself any trouble with nail wraps. Try:

NCLA Beauty Killer Nail Wraps ($16)

NCLA beauty killer nail wrap

Apply a glossy top coat over these wraps to make your mani last throughout all the mischief you get into this Hallow's Eve.

Skull and Cross Bones Halloween Nails



Nothing screams Halloween like a skull-inspired nail design. We're definitely obsessed with this playful version of the look, but we're aware our nail art skills aren't quite up to par. If you find yourself in the same boat, try:

Jamberry Night Fright Nail Wraps ($6)

jamberry night fright nail wraps

Jamberry offers up some of the easiest to use wraps in the game, and this black-and-gold clad edition is just what we're craving for a spirited mani.

What is your go-to Halloween nail design? Share with us below!

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