Hairstylist Tips on How to Handle Bangs

Hairstylist Tips on How to Handle Bangs

Have you ever wanted to make a drastic change to your current hairstyle and get bangs? Making the cut can be a daunting decision, but we’ve asked hairstylist Paige Miller, of the award-winning Posh Salon and Spa, for advice on the best ways to transition to and handle bangs!



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1. Baby Steps

It can be tempting to dramatically change your look, but Paige recommends a gradual transition when choosing a bang:

“Start with a long side bang, to see if you like it. Then move on to a short, swooping side bang. If you’re still loving your look, tell your hair stylist that you are ready to make the plunge and get dull front bangs!” Ashley Madekwe’s fringe is the perfect introduction to bangs; meanwhile Taylor Swift’s blunt bangs would be too much of a shock for most!


Paige Miller of Posh Salon and Spa

2. Trust your Stylist

Never cut your own bangs. They may seem like a simple clip, but a well-trained hairstylist knows so much more about how to frame and shape the hair to look its best on your face. Trying to do it yourself is a recipe for disaster!



3. Picture Perfect

Always bring pictures of your desired look to your hairstylist so everyone is on the same page during a consultation. Your stylist may have a totally different interpretation of what you’re asking for. As Paige tells us “pictures are a hairstylist’s best friend!” So look through celebrity and fashion magazines and bring in some hairspiration! 



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4. Bang Slang

Make sure you know the meaning behind the descriptions you tell your hairstylist! A simple miscommunication could become a catastrophe. “Full bangs” will be a heavy, thick, dramatic bang; meanwhile “thin bangs” will be wispier. When in doubt, ask your stylist for their definition of a term. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification, your stylist wants you to leave as happy as possible! Carrie Underwood’s thin bangs are light and airy, whereas Kelly Rowland’s bangs are heavier and more dramatic.


KMS California TameFrizz Taming Creme

5. Smooth those bangs!

Look for products with a smoothing agent to style your new ‘do. Paige recommends Tamefrizz Taming Cream by KMS because it smooths hair without being too heavy. Stay away from anything labeled as a “serum”—serums are usually too heavy and greasy for hair that will be right in front of your face!


Alexa Chung Bangs

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6. Style with Texture!

So you’ve finally cut off your hair and bought a smoothing agent, now what? In order to style bangs Paige recommends taking half a pump of a smoothing agent and massaging it into your fingers like lotion, then pinch it into the end of your bangs to give them some texture. Try to avoid smoothing them straight down over your forehead, this will make your fringe look dull and lifeless!


All in all, bangs are truly a trial and error hairstyle. Paige always advises her clients to trust their judgement. If it turns out you don’t like them as much as you thought, “rock them the best you can for the next six to eight weeks! Life’s short, hair grows back!”

Have you ever successfully handled the transition to bangs? Share your stories and tips with us in the comments!

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