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Earlier this month, I headed to Mizu Salon in New York to meet with stylist Judy McGuinness so I could get a new short 'do for summer! We streamed the whole process on Facebook Live (click here to watch the cut and here to see the styling) and followed it up with an article so you can get the low-down on the look yourself! Although many of you submitted questions to Judy during our Facebook Live, we saw so many great follow-up questions on Facebook following the main event. Read on to get answers to burning hair questions from Influensters just like you!

What products would you recommend to make damaged hair look healthier? —Jeannette 
Judy: "To make damaged hair look healthy again, start with a split end treatment. There are salon-exclusive ones like Olaplex, or at-home ones like Oribe's Split End Seal! Then finish with an oil for shine. I like R and Co's Tinsel since it's light enough to layer on."

What's the best detangler or oil treatment to get the smooth, tangle free feeling  back into long hair? —Jennifer
Judy: "Hair usually gets tangled because the ends are a bit rough. I like using Oribe's Run Through Primer to detangle hair. It's super conditioning and helps get a comb through."

How do you "train" your hair to curl? I can never keep a curl for more than an hour or so. —Haley
Judy: "The healthier and straighter your hair, the harder it is to curl. I always use R and Co's Outer Space Flexible Hairspray and spray it section by section before you curl. It protects the hair from heat and also gives the hair soft hold. Also, when drying the hair look for more thickening products (R and Co Dallas Thickening Spray) to prep the hair. You don't want to load hair up with oil then try to curl it."

I have super thin hair & not a ton of it. How can I get it to be thicker and to grow better?! —Samantha
Judy: "The best way to get thicker hair is to start from the inside out with vitamins. I recommend Viviscal for thinning hair, or if you just have fine hair and want it to grow longer and healthier, Biotin (5,000 mg) is usually enough. You have to be very consistent though; [it takes] at least two to three months before you see real improvement!"

What is your leave-in conditioner suggestion for coarse frizzy hair? —Erin
Judy: A great leave-in conditioner trick for super coarse hair is to actually use your normal conditioner—just don't rinse it out completely. Usually, they're a bit stronger than a leave in! If you don't mind something a bit heavier, try using a tablespoon of coconut oil through your ends!"

How can I protect my dyed pastel pink hair from immediately being bleached out by the sun?—Calli
Judy: "To protect your hair from fading in the sun—the best way to make sure it stays vibrant is wearing a hat whenever you're in direct sunlight. Otherwise, look for products that have UV protection. (I like Oribe's Balm D'or. It has repair elements as well!) Also a big part of keeping color from fading is by using a shampoo that's not only color safe but also actually helps the color last longer. Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color is the best for anyone concerned about fading!

What's a good hydrating conditioner? My hair is dry and gets oily fast. —Jessica
Judy: "R and Co's Atlantis Conditioner is moisturizing without being heavy."

Is it better to do thin layers or thick layers of hair when trying to curl thick hair? —Staci
Judy: "Whenever you're curling hair with an iron, the bigger the section you take, the softer the curl. If you want your curl to last, then it's better to take smaller sections!"

What dry texture spray do you recommend? —Jess
Judy: "My favorite is Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray, but I also really like R and Co's Badlands dry shampoo paste. It's invisible and gives a ton of volume and grit."

What products do you recommend that are organic? —Edna
Judy: "As far as haircare that's organic, I really like using coconut oil, as long as you shampoo it out properly. It's a really great all in one!"

Best styling product for guys with curly hair? —Tommy
Judy: "The best curl products are about the hair type, so I don't think male or female really matters. For coarse hair, something heavier like V76's Control Balm is nice to hold the curl and give some moisture. For finer hair, I like R and Co's curl primer Twister. It's light enough to layer under other products but can also stand alone to stop frizz."

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