Grooming Products for Your Gym Bag

Grooming Products for Your Gym Bag

So you made it to the gym—that's half the battle! The other half? Looking presentable after your sweat session with a minimal amount of effort. Allow these products to ease your transition from the gym to society and add them to your gym bag! 

Degree® Men MOTIONSENSE® Adventure Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Price: $4.66 at Walmart

Why You Need It: Applying stick deodorant to sweaty skin can leave you with a goopy mess that doesn't effectively cover odor. This dry spray deodorant by Degree goes on instantly dry and reduces underarm wetness. 

What Influensters Say: "I tend to be a heavy sweater, but this product is truly amazing. I spray it on in the morning and it lasts all day. On one occasion it lasted the claimed 2 days without a problem. The product comes in a simple to use spray. It doesn't over-spray and it instantly dries. Hands down the best antiperspirant I have ever used." - Russ R.


Dove Men + Care Oil Control Body Wash

Dove Men + Care Oil Control Body Wash

Price: $5.47 at Walmart

Why You Need It: Sweating at the gym can lead to an imbalance in skin moisture. Dove's Oil Control Body Wash uses micromoisture technology to maintain skin hydration levels while combating oil production. It can be used as a face or body wash, meaning you won't have to carry around two products to get great results! 

What Influensters Say: "Used this soap on my face and back after workouts, and noticed a considerable difference in the feel of my skin after getting out of the shower. It has a clean scent that is light and not overpowering. I used in on both a back scrubber, a sponge, and my bare hands, and it lathers very well. It also does not leave any residue after washing like other soaps do! This is a very good product and I would definitely buy it for myself in the future!" -Eric O.


Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

Price: $6.99 at Walgreens

Why You Need It: If you don't have time for a full shower, using a wipe to freshen up your face can help you look and feel your best. These wipes from Cetaphil use the same formula as the brand's much-loved cleanser to remove dirt without stripping the skin of its natural protectant. 

What Influensters Say: "They are great and very gentle on your skin! I love this product! I highly suggest buying, especially if you have acne. Any local store is great to get them from!" -Darrien H.


Hanz de Fuko Modify Pomade

Price: $17.50 at Hanz De Fuko

Why You Need It: This modern twist on a pomade is completely water soluble. It's medium-hold formula holds hair in place without making it greasy. If your post-gym hair is a little greasy, a product like this will keep it from looking matted. 

What Influensters Say: "I personally do not use this product, my boyfriend does and he says it the best styling gel he has tried. It lasts all day and keeps his hair shiny and neat. His hair it thick and straight and dark brown. A little of this product goes a long way. He would recommend." -Alexis D.


BANANA BOAT Banana Boat Triple Defense Sunscreen Spray for Men with SPF 30 - 6 ozWRITE A REVIEW SHARE FACEBOOK TWITTER PINTEREST GOOGLE+ ADD TO LISTASK QUESTION 4.8 out of 5 stars 5 Stars86% 4 Stars14% 3 Stars0% 2 Stars0% 1 Star0% See All 7 Reviewsba

Price: $7.44 at Walmart

Why You Need It: Always be ready to protect yourself from powerful sun rays with this sunscreen. Whether you're working out outdoors or not, wearing sunscreen is always a good call. This formula from Banana Boat protects you from UVA/UVB rays while combatting odor and hydrating skin. 

What Influensters Say: "My husband loves this spray as he is very particular about what he puts on his body especially for smells. This has a manly tone to it, but great for the spray effect. Not harsh and easy to apply." -Shealah B.


What are your gym bag essentials? Let us know in the comments! 

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