Trending Among Influensters: Green Beauty

It's SO easy being green.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Our Influenster community came out in full forces this April as we celebrated Earth Month. Between sharing their element-inspired beauty looks and products that give back, it's clear that Influensters are embracing the green beauty movement in April and beyond.  

To see just what Influensters are buzzing about, we polled 7,675 US women this past April to find out about their thoughts and shopping behavior when it comes to green beauty. See exactly what we found:

2018 green beauty trends influenster


As you can see, Influensters love their green beauty buys with eight out of 10 women saying they've purchased green beauty products in the past year. The green winners? Facial cleanser and moisturizer came at head with 64 percent of respondents saying they've purchased these products. And believe it or not, Influensters saying they're shopping at Ulta to get their green beauty goodness!

But, when it comes to what claims Influensters find most appealing on products: Natural came in at 45 percent, cruelty-free  at 30 percent, organic at 17 percent, vegan 7 percent, and eco-friendly packaging at 4 percent.

And leave it to Gen Z to make purchases based on their concern for the planet. More Gen Z women purchase green beauty products because “it’s good for the planet” (20 percent) compared to Gen X (13 percent), who said they purchase green beauty products because “it’s good for me” (39 percent) compared to Gen Z (33 percent). 

Lastly, of all the green beauty trends we're seeing right now, the trend that the most women have tried is herbal and plant-based supplements (46 percent), whereas the trend that the least women have tried is Ayurvedic makeup/skincare (8 percent).

What green products have you tried? Leave your favorite green beauty buys in the comment section!

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