Hot Cocoa Rolls are the Holiday Treat the World Needs Now

Did we mention there's marshmallow icing involved?

ByCaitlin M.

Some say the what the world needs now is a little love, sweet love. But us? We're content with some breakfast sweets. Namely, we'll take the latest and greatest from Pillsbury. The newest flavor of our morning cinnamon rolls is just our holiday-loving souls need. Meet the new Grands! Hot Cocoa Rolls. Oh and did we mention there's marshmallow icing involved? We'll give you a minute to let that sink in. 

grands hot cocoa rolls

Inspired by everyone's favorite winter drink, hot cocoa, this twist on the classic cinnamon roll actually swirls cocoa flavoring through out the yummy morning treat. So you get that classic chocolate-y flavor while still enjoying a touch of cinnamon. On top of that (literally) comes the sweet marshmallow icing. Unlike the typical cream cheese frosting your rolls get, these babies come complete with ooey gooey 'mallow flavored icing. Because really, what's hot cocoa without marshmallows?

Of course, like all good things in life, these new Hot Cocoa Rolls won't last forever. They're special just for the winter season. Although these rolls hit shelves last season, we had to wait an entire year to get our hands on them again. And we're here for it. If you are too, head to your local Walmart, Target, or Kroger to stock up for winter, because baby, it's about to get real cold.

Would you try Hot Cocoa Rolls? Let us know if you're team cocoa below!

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