Go Longer Between Washes with the Latest Launch from Living Proof

Plus a 4 Step Hair Style Tutorial 

Jessica S.
ByJessica S.

It’s no secret that washing your hair every day can cause some damage to your locks (think: stripped, dry, and begging for moisture). That’s why more and more people are embracing their no-wash days, reaching for their dry shampoo, and training their strands to go longer without a heavy rinse.

The problem? While some dry shampoos are a good stand-in, oftentimes they only add to the buildup and make your scalp feel drier than before. That’s the issue Living Proof set out to fix with their latest launch: the Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo.

What it is: An upgrade to your everyday dry shampoo that uses a 3-step cleaning process to mimic the effects of your in-shower scrub. This sulfate, paraben, and cruelty-free formula not only neutralizes odors and cleans the scalp using a powder removal system, but it also balances sebum levels and cares for your locks long after application by helping to create a barrier against pollutants.

Jess' Current Favorite Between-Wash Hairstyle:

Step 1: Lift and spray your roots with the Living Proof PhD Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo. Massage and shake to remove powder for that effortless finish.

Step 2: Leaving the face-framing pieces out, divide the top half of your hair and sweep it into a messy, high ponytail. 

Step 3: Pull tight to secure, and wrap a strand of hair around the elastic, securing with a bobby pin.

Step 4: Finish the look with your favorite hair accessories and you’re ready to go!

What’s your favorite way to use dry shampoo? Let us know in the comments!

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