That Lisa Frank Makeup Line is Going to Be Better Than We Imagined

Dreams do come true.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

About a month ago, '90s kids everywhere were granted with some of the best news ever: Lisa Frank was teaming up with makeup brand Glamour Dolls for a Kickstarter program to launch the beauty collection of our rainbow dreams. The Kickstarter program, which had hoped to raise $30,000 initially, and has well surpassed that initial goal with more than $370,000 raised—so far. As if that wasn't exciting enough, the Kickstarter has released more info on the products they're creating.

lisa frank unicorn brush

When the campaign first started, there was a unicorn blush brush for presale and hopes for a Lip Balm, a Matte Mousse, a Liquid Liner, a Unicorn Lippie, a Highlighter Powder, and a vegan leather makeup bag to add to the mix. Well, we finally have a little preview of what some of those products will look like. 

lisa frank beauty

In addition, the brand teased to a possible trapper keeper-inspired palette. Yes, you read that correctly. Although we don't have the finalized designs for this product just yet, you might soon be able to have a palette inspired by your favorite childhood school supply. Will it be decked out with unicorns? Kittens? Puppies? Aliens riding a VW Bug? Only time will tell.

No word on when these products will drop, but as soon as we get more info, we'll share with you!

Which beauty product would you love to see get a Lisa Frank makeover? Let us know in the comments!

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