7 Gift Ideas for Your Pod Squad

Because no one had your back in 2020 like your quaran-team.

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

If you had a pod squad, or a core group of friends, to help you through quarantine this past year, then we bet that they are at the top of your gift list. Whether they offered emotional support, dropped groceries at your door or tutored you in all things TikTok, we know how much they must mean to you. And a thoughtful gift can be the perfect way to thank them for having your back. 

Here, we thought up some pod squad gift ideas perfect for your fellow dream quaran-team members. And there are some that you can even get in on the fun yourself! 


1. Bath Bomb


There are few better gifts in 2020 than the ones that help you relax. Help your friends unwind with a LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb, which you can buy for $7.95 at LUSHUSA.com


2. Rose Quartz Gua Sha


Skincare has been all the rage this year. And we bet you traded some favorite products and go-to tips with your pod squad as the weeks and months of quarantine passed by. Up everyone's skincare game with a Jenny Patinkin Uplifting Gua Sha Heart. Not only does this beauty tool encourage beautiful skin, but it comes inside a resusable package with an equally beautiful message. Shop it at JennyPatinkin.com for $34.00. 



3. Cookie Mix


For the friend that loves to quarantine and bake, a festive cookie mix like Dolly Parton's is the perfect way to go. And if you are extra nice you may even get a taste. You can purchase a single box for $16.95 or a set of two for $31.95 at WilliamsSonoma.com.


4. Chocolate

Chocolate is never a bad gift idea. And you can treat everyone on your list with a sweet treat, 4 piece box set for 9.95 available at Godiva.com.


5. Bark Box 

Anyone else have a pet pal that helped you through 2020? Even if you don't have a pet yourself, one of your friend's pets may have brought a smile to your face on more than one zoom call. Treat that special pet to a special gift just for them, we bet their human will appreciate it too. You can purchase a one month box for $35 or an e-gift card at BarkBox.com



6. Custom Lipstick Party

Get everyone in on the gift giving fun by coordinating a Lip Lab by BITE virtual party. Pricing for one custom lipstick is $50 per person, plus shipping. And pricing for two custom lipsticks per person is $100, and you'll also receive BITE Beauty’s Agave Lip Care Kit and free shipping. Book your party at LipLapBoutique.com.



7. DIY Moscow Mules

Make your own Moscow mule kit featuring Tito's Handmade Vodka, our 2020 Influenster Awards winner in the Vodka category, and ginger beer that you can all mix and enjoy together at your next virtual happy hour. You can buy a set of four copper mugs on Amazon.com for 23.99 and add the contents of the drink, a mini Tito's bottle, ginger beer and a lime, inside of it for a cute eco-friendly wrapping idea. 


Photo courtesy of Bon Vivant 


Any of these gift ideas check your list? Have you tried any yourself? Be sure to leave a review so that your fellow Influensters never have to shop alone!