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Gifts for newbies and oenophiles alike

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A bottle of wine is a great default gift for most occasions. From housewarming parties to holiday celebrations, its hard to go wrong with a bottle of the good stuff. If you want to further accessorize your gift or are looking for something a bit more personal, we have rounded up a collection of wine related items that can be used year round. 

Wine Wipes ($7.99)

Few things stain your teeth and mouth like red wine. Throw a pack of Wine Wipes in your bag to freshen up your smile on the go or to avoid waking up the next morning with that pinky mouth glow. 

The Wand, from PureWine ($11.99)

If you have wine sensitivities (like headaches, congestion, or flushing) PureWine's products might help you enjoy this drink again. Their one-time-use filters promise to remove histamines and sulfites while retaining antioxidants and phenolics. For individual glasses of wine, The Wand filters and aerates while you stir, and then serves as a wine charm. For multiple glasses, attach The Wave pourer for the same benefits, a full bottle at a time. 

Wine Condoms ($14.99)

As funny as the concept may be, these Wine Condoms are a practical solution to the re-corking challenge for unfinished bottles of wine. While they are reusable, they come individually packaged with six in the box, so you won't feel bad slapping one on a bottle to send home with a guest.  

ArT Wine Preserver ($14.99)

Have you ever had to pour wine down the drain after its gone bad as a result of being open too long? Frequent wine drinkers might have a vacuum pump in order to prolong their vino's life. The ArT Wine Preserver uses pure argon gas to displace any oxygen in your wine bottle, preventing oxidation and keeping wine fresh for up to 30 days. Science! 

WINEWISK ($14.99)

Letting a wine "breathe" means opening it and exposing it to air for a bit. Adding air to wine 'speeds up' the aging process, and unlocks flavors and aromas that make the wine more enjoyable. You can speed up this process by using an aerator. The WINEWISK allows you to aerate a single glass at a time, vs a whole bottle, and doubles as a wine charm. 

3-in-1 Stainless Steel Wine Chiller with EZ Pour Spout ($16.99)

If you are a fan of products like the Corkcicle that leverage a frozen spike to chill your bottle of wine from the inside out, check out this 3-in-1 creation from PBKay. It combines the chilling power of stainless steal with an aearating, drip-free pour spout. 

Microfiber Towels ($17.99)

You may already use microfiber towels to remove makeup or dry off at the beach, but true wine aficianodos know there is no better material for polishing wine glasses. In addition to the beauty of a crystal clear goblet, polished glass ensures you get the truest flavors and bouquets from your vino. A little steam and a microfiber towel rub-down will bring out the best in your glassware. 

Wine Cork Trivet Kit ($19.95)

Give wine lovers a DIY project to put left-over corks to a practical use. Wine Enthusiast offers easy kits to turn corks into trivets and coasters. Creative, useful, and sustainable. 

Wine Decanter ($39.95)

A beautiful wine decanter combines form and function to deliver a visually appealing, aerated wine. We recommend researching the many, many options available before you buy in order to match the recipient's aesthetic and preferences. Consider going a step further with glass engraving or adding in some cleaning beads

Wine Chiller ($89.95)

For those who want to upgrade their full-bottle chill game beyond the traditional ice bucket, check out the Wine Chillers from Vinglacé. These stainless steel, double walled, vacuum insulated containers keep their contents cool for hours - no sloppy ice needed.

Wine Subscriptions (Price Varies)

If you just can't choose what to gift someone, but know they love wine, a subscription service or club might be the simplest option. You can order from your couch and don't have to bother with giftwrap or delivery. Some tips from our Influenster members include: 

  • The International Wine of the Month Club - Phyllis J. says "I love to cook so i am always looking for a good wine that's great quality and affordable. I pair my food with wine and whether its fruity or tart they have it no matter what your taste is. I have a wonderful experience with this club - and you get freebies too."
  • The Wall Street Journal Wine Club - Laura C. says "I have used them for the past 5 years, They have a great selection and offer some nice specials and their customers service is great. If you receive a wine that is just not great to your palate they will happily accommodate a change. Also, if you purchase with their wine futures program you can get some top wines at a fair price. I do recommend buying into their free shipping for 1 year if you plan on ordering more than the quarterly deliveries. Cheers!!"
  • Gold Medal Wine Club - Catherine B. says "Calling all wine lovers this one is for you! (Aka me!) I love how they have 6 or so different memberships and you get them all sent to your house for an amazing price each month! It's a great way to try new things as well."

Be sure to check out our coverage of Uncorked by Cosmopolitan as well! 

Did any of these gifts make it to your wish list or shopping list? Have a suggestion for an item we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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