Gift Guide: Sir-Travels-A-Lot

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the guy that just cannot stay still? Whether it’s for your son, brother, friend, or boyfriend—travelers have a need for a few but specific items. Here are some gifts that are sure to wow your man on the go!

Speck Candyshell Card IPhone Case - $40

speck Candyshell card iphone case

This phone case is ideal for someone who needs to minimize his on-hand belongings. Stash a card and some bills and leave the wallet at home!


Perfect for long business flights, these headphones are sure to block out all noise, including the crying baby three rows back.

When he’s constantly jetsetting from place to place, it’s easy for him to overload his luggage. Keep him under the weight limit with this handy luggage scale and prevent the stress of having the frantically reorganize at the airport.


Help your man stay groomed and looking sharp on-the-go with this convenient travel kit from The Art of Shaving.


Our constant use of technology to get us through our travels means a big need for charging opportunities. This power dock is sleek and efficient.

A quality travel case is ideal for any traveller—this sophisticated, personalized leather case is sure to be an essential keepsake.

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