Gift Guide: For the Sweet Tooth

I fully acknowledge that every tooth in my mouth is a sweet tooth, so look no further if you're searching for gift inspiration to please a sugary palate this holiday season. I already own the #7 sweet tooth sugar bowl, and last week I used a fabulous DIY-in-a-box DarbySmart kit to hammer custom phrases such as "Yummy," "Sweet Life," and "One Lump or Two" onto dainty silver dessert spoons.

The best part of all? Each idea costs less than $35!

Use the extra cash to buy yourself an ice cream cone.

Gift Guide Sweet Tooth

1. Score this Vintage Collection Hard and Sugar Free Cotton Candy Maker, and you'll be spinning homemade candy floss using sugar free hard candies in no time.

2. Sometimes life is a little bit sugar, and a little bit snark. For the latter occasions, a canvas tote featuring a besprinkled donut with a funny comment bubble will do the trick nicely.

3. This Prize Ribbon Cupcake Stand is the ideal size to display a tasty treat, and it will come in handy for hostesses, bakers, and lovers of Pinterest in general.

4. I truly feel sorry for anyone who has missed out on trying chocolate-covered potato chips. Luckily Chuao makes a deluxe chocolate bar that features potato chips, as well as various other premium novelty combinations like Firecracker (there are Pop Rocks inside!), Honeycomb, Maple Bacon, and Spicy Maya.

5. Let's face it, who doesn't need a giant donut pool float that is 4 feet in diameter?

6. I've seen these Ceramic Ice Cream Cone Cups filled with candy and other goodies and then tied up with cellophane and ribbon to make a totally sweet gift basket. It would be nauseatingly cute to make a whipped cream/cherry gift tag topper, don't you think???

7. As I mentioned, I already own this Sweet Tooth Sugar Bowl by Accoutrements and I can personally guarantee its quality and cuteness overload. It is dentist and tooth fairy approved.

8. Last but certainly not least, I think that we can all agree that everything tastes better when it's "miniature," and everything most certainly includes DONUTS. To that end, I present the Mini Donut Maker. Who needs a boyfriend when you've got one of these little beauties camping out on your kitchen counter?

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