Gift Guide: For the Jetsetter

Have someone in your life who always seems to be a day away from their next big trip? When getting them a gift it can be hard to think of something they'll really use. Anyone who loves to travel also probably loves trying new things, exploring new places, and being spontaneous, so keep that in mind when thinking of gifts for the traveling gypsy in your life.

1. Comfy shoes.

The jetsetter needs a good pair of shoes that are versatile, comfortable, and long-lasting. Get them a comfy pair and they'll thank you forever. Think Toms, Nike Frees, or Converse.

2. Dinner at a restaurant they've never tried.

Bring them somewhere they've never been to try a cuisine they have never had or don't have often. You can even stay home and cook an exotic cuisine. It's important to know that you can create an adventure even with the smallest gestures. 

3. A nice camera.

A chronic traveler -- whether on leisure or business -- is bound to see some pretty amazing stuff. Make sure they have the proper tools to capture those moments. Sure they can tell you all about their travels, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Do your reserach before picking a camera that's right for your traveler. You can learn more about cameras here.

4. Make a vacation jar.

Showing you're excited for the next trip can really mean something. A little gesture like this vacation fund is a toughtful placeholder for a bigger adventure yet to come. Start off by putting as much money as you can into the jar, watch it grow, then book your flights!

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5. A vacation!

Above all else, this person really wants one thing: to travel more! Plan a trip big or small and they are guaranteed to love it. Even if it's a small weekend getaway or exploring your hometown in a fun new way, knowing that you put the effort into planning and orchestrating a trip would mean the world to them.

When planning, be sure to consider reviews of restaurants, hotels, and travel accomodations. For that you can head to the travel section of Influenster!

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