Gift Guide for that Home-Bound Life

Gift ideas for friends and family who are staying inside this season

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

2020 has been different. We all know it, and you're probably sick of talking about it. With travel restricted and quarantine fatigue hitting hard, this holiday season may be rougher than most. If you can't be with your family and friends, a gift to let them know you are thinking about them can go a long way. We have rounded up a few items to make everyone's time at home easier -- whether you gift them or keep them for yourself, is up to you. 


WINEWISK ($14.99)

Letting a wine "breathe" means opening it and exposing it to air for a bit. Adding air to wine 'speeds up' the aging process, and unlocks flavors and aromas that make the wine more enjoyable. You can speed up this process by using an aerator. The WINEWISK allows you to aerate a single glass at a time, vs a whole bottle, and doubles as a wine charm. 

The CrunchCup ($20.00)

Colorful, fun, and creative, the CrunchCup promises to transform your breakfast routine. With seperate holds for milk and cereal, the two mix in your mouth so your cereal is never soggy. Good for both the young and the young-at-heart, we like going rogue with crumbled Oreos in the cereal slot for a sweet snack while binge watching GBBO on the couch. 

Silvr ($22.00)

Reusable and travel-friendly cutlery is moving beyond picnics and into offices and restaurants as people lean into sustainability over disposability and seek out more hygenic options. We like the heft and design accents of Silvr. They feel good in your hand and are TSA-approved. 

The Draft Top ($24.99)

Do you wipe off aluminum cans before you drink from them? Do you find yourself pouring canned beers into glassware to unlock flavors? Do you love garnishes and ice and other beverage additions? Enter The Draft Top. This handheld device is slim enough to slide into your pocket or tailgate bag, and allows you to smoothly pop the top off of alumnium cans for drinking or crafting purposes. 

Helix Performance™ Premium Hand Mixer ($29.99) 

A good compact hand-mixer is a must for home-chefs with limited counter space. We like this Black and Decker Helix Hand Mixer for its self-storage case and three kinds of attachments (two helix beaters, two dough hooks, and one wire whisk). If you're back on the bread making trend, the dough hooks are a lifesaver. 

Scoria Cork Yoga Mat ($89) 

Whether you're an expert yogi or just adding stretching to your daily routine, a mat helps you keep your grip and lessen the impact on your joints. We like this cork yoga mat from Scoria. Not only do these sustainably-harvested, natural cork mats come in artistic designs with plastic-free packaging, but for every mat sold, Scoria donates 10 meals to those in need.  

LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle ($95)

We all love a good water bottle, they help keep us hydrated while cutting down on plastic waste. Take your aqua game up a step with a UV-C enabled bottle that eradicates up to 99.9999% of bacteria at the press of a button (or by itself every 2 hours). We like LARQ's tech as its sleak, stylish, and the double walled edition keeps your beverage cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. We also heard a pitcher version is coming soon! 

Harvest Elite Slim Herb Garden Planter ($99.95) 

Plants brighten up any home, and if you want to go beyond simple succulents you'll need a good planter. There is something super satisying about growing your own herbs or greens and this Harvest Elite Slim planter from Aerogarden will fit any home, no matter how small. 

Riki Skinny Lighted Mirror w/ Bluetooth ($195) 

Work and socialization has gone virtual, meaning more and more people are realizing what makeup enthusiasts have known all along — the importance of proper illumination for videos and photos. We like this streaming-ready mirror from Riki Loves Riki that is perfect for brightening up your next video call or video review here on Influenster. 

SideTrak Slide Portable Monitor ($299.99)

Working from home or on the road and missing your monitor? SideTrak has you covered with their laptop add-ons. Simply stick the frame to the back of your laptop and slide it out when you need extra screen space for spreadsheets, gaming, or Netflix

Bartesian Home Cocktail Machine ($349.99) 

Skip the crowded bars while upping your at-home party game with this home cocktail machine, The Bartesian. Even Oprah loves this capsule-based system that promises mixologist-level taste at the push of a button. We like the idea of an in-home robot bartender — and that the capsules are made with 100% recyclable materials. (Check out their Holiday Cocktail Collection to match.) 

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