Three Simple Ways to Say Hello To a New Year

Recharge and Reset For 2021

ByKaila R.

2020 has been a year like no other! As we usher in 2021, it’s important to take some time for you so that you can walk into this new year your full self. Check out three simple ways to prepare yourself for this new year and its new opportunities. 

Create a Vision Board

Grab some magazines, scissors, and glue and put together your very own vision board. Vision boards are great to help give yourself daily visual reminders of your dreams and goals. We know that working towards your goals has peaks and valleys, but your vision board will be right there to motivate you and help you remember what you’re working towards and it's great to look back and see the opporuntines and life changes you manifested and worked hard for. You can even try framing yours like actress, writer, and producer, Issa Rae! 

Check out here


Try Journaling

Take some time in a quite room and write down everything this crazy year has taught you. Writing the lessons that this transformative time has taught you will allow you to reflect and see this year as a year of growth and help you take that into 2021. It’s important to walk into the year with a positive mindset – adding a list of things you're grateful for helps you express gratitude to the universe and allow you to form a more positive outlook on what this year has bought you. 

Journaling is also a great habit to keep up in the new year!


Have a Self -Care Day

After creating your vision board and writing your list, grab your fav bath salts, candles and face mask to give yourself some much deserved TLC! Whatever helps you relax, start off your new year with that activity! 


How do you get ready for the new year? Let us know in the comments!

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