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Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

The start of a new year is often used as a jumping off point for a new attitude, new activities, new resolutions, and new workout routines. Social distancing measures and health concerns may keep you out of the gym, but that's no reason to put your fitness goals on hold. In addition to a nutritous diet, staying active is important for long term health. While there are plenty of exercises and activities you can do on your own, sometimes the best motivator is a brand new piece of tech or gear. 

We've rounded up a collection of new and interesting fitness products that just might reignite your excitement for exercise. Be sure to review the workout products you have tried to help your fellow Influensters on their own self-care journeys! 


BOARD30 MINI ($250.00 USD) 

Launched in August 2020, this all-in-one resistance band station is perfect for small spaces. It comes with all the bands and straps you need, as well as access to a library of videos for trainer led sessions (through ActiveTV), and easily slides under the couch or into a closet when not in use. The BOARD30 MINI was developed as part of the BOARD30 program, a 30-minute, in-studio workout class with studios across the nation, completed on a larger BOARD30 board.

Woman seated and using the BOARD30 MINI fitness tool

Nucleus Central Core Pro ($149.00 USD)

Small, handheld, and intense, the Nucleus Central Core Pro will put medicine balls and flat weights to shame. Designed by celebrity personal trainer, Diego Calvo, and launched this past summer, the Nucelus uses Liquid Impact Force Technology and momentum to give you a killer ab work out in 12 minutes. 

Man holding Nucleus fitness device while in a plank position

Zeno Gym Workout Bench One ($345.00 USD)

If you really want the at-home gym experience, check out the Workout Bench One from Zeno Gym. This cushioned bench provides a strong base for your full-body resistance band workouts. The accompanying app also provides 100+ workouts to help you target all your muscle groups and keep your workouts fresh. Premium models offer more options including a backrest and speakers. 

Man seated on Zeno Gym Workout Bench

Bear Blocks ($49.99 USD)

If planks and downward dogs give you wrist pain, Bear Blocks might be your new best friend. Doing a traditional push up compresses the wrist bones and strains the ligaments because of the acute angle the position requires. Bear Blocks help your hands angle downward by 20 degrees, which places the wrist in a more comfortable position. 

Hands using the Bear Blocks fitness device

JAXJOX KettlebellConnect® 2.0 ($229.00 USD)

The KettlebellConnect from JAXJOX enables you to get multiple weights (12 - 42 lbs) from a single device. The 2.0 version is armed with real-time performance tracking and reporting through its companion app, including reps, sets, weight, power, avg volume, and time. 

JAXJOX Kettlebell device

Excy XCS 260 ($799.00 USD)

Looking for a workout you can do while sitting at your desk or on the couch? Recumbent cycling has never been easier with the Excy line. Pick your model based on your workout preferences: desk-cycling, arm pedaling, rowing, bed-ridden physical therapy, or even as a squat rack accessory. The most popular model is the Excy XCS 260 which clocks in at a portable 14 lbs. 

Armor Down Meditation Cushion ($99.97 USD)

And because no one should sleep on their mental workouts, we bring you the Armor Down Meditation Cushion. You don't need fancy gear to meditate, but we like that this cushion is hand-sewn in the mountains of North Carolina and that the veteran owned and operated company donates cushions to veterans and active duty service members. You can even join the founder, Ben King, every weekday morning (6am-6:30am EST) for mindfulness practice

Armor Down Meditation Cushion

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