Weird Product Wednesday: Pubic Hair Skin Care

We’re well in the midst of summer, and the words "bikini line" are dropped more than usual in conversation. But, has anyone ever stopped and thought about the lack of skincare products dedicated to that region? Aside from waxing, there’s not much talk about the up-keeping process for bikini lines. That’s essentially why two sisters realized it’s time to start talking more about how we take care of our bodies, rather than discussing what we don’t like about them. Allow us to give you the inside scoop on this totally weird (but empowering) product aimed at doing just that!

What it is: Founded by sisters Emily and Laura Schubert, Fur is the first-ever beauty brand to offer a variety of products specifically designed for pubic hair and skin. The inspiration stemmed from the lack of pubic-related care on the market. It’s noted for being the first and “chicest” pubic hair oil on the market.

Why we love it: Fur Oil is simply just an option for caring for that area. It’s not necessary, per se, but it’s still nice to know the option is still there. Perhaps another product to add to your DIY spa day? It’s made to soften your bikini line so you won’t have any irritation. As a plus, it's fast-drying and doesn't leave a lingering scent.


Fur Oil

Fur Oil: Ideal for those who prefer to keep it natural and steer clear from razors and waxing. It improves the texture of hair follicles so they are softer to touch.

Stubble Cream: Ideal for those who prefer shaving and waxing. The stubble cream is designed to soften stubble and clear pores for fewer ingrown hairs.

Ingrown Concentrate: It’s made to soothe the skin and support healing for ingrown hairs.

What do you think? Are these products something you’d be interested in? Tell us in the comments below!

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