Our Favorite French High-End Drugstore Beauty Buys

Oui, oui!

The French know how to do fancy—so why would their drugstores be any different? In addition to scooping up your last-minute necessities while running around Paris, you should absolutely hit up French drugstores to give you a chance to shop for some seriously luxurious skincare, from nourishing botanical cleansers to gentle thermal water makeup removers. Sounds fabulous, right?

Lucky for us, stateside drugstores have taken the hint and upgraded their beauty aisles. We may not speak French, but we do know great French skincare when we see it!

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Audrey W.
Audrey W.
Obsessed with strobing, at home manicures, lipsticks of all kinds and my pup, Millie. I blog about all of that and more at lululinden.com!
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