Trending: Foundations & Concealers With Built-In Applicators

Everyone loves a little 2-in-1 action.

ByCaitlin M.

Today's foundations and concealers are upping their game in many ways. Not only are brand's working to expand their shade ranges to be more inclusive, but they're also crafting formulas that do more than just mask a late night. And we've been seeing a lot of movement to take the benefits of one product and combine it with the coverage or formula of the other to make a foundation that conceals or a concealer that can be used all over.

The next trend we've noticed in the facial makeup category has to do with the method of application. Brands have already nailed their formulas, so now they're looking for ways to make applying (and loving!) your makeup even easier. Foundations and concealers with built-in applicators are popping up everywhere. And we're personally loving this trend! With doe-foot applicators, built-in sponges or tips, these products are making it super easy to get a precise application and coverage. Not to mention, they're saving you some serious space in your beauty bag!

Click on to see some of the foundations and concealers with built-in applicators that we've been seeing on the beauty aisle! 

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