FORM is the Latest Curly Girl Brand to Know

OK, ladies, now let's get in formation.

ByCaitlin M.

If you have natural, curly hair, you know not all curls are created equal—so why should you opt for a brand that treats them all the same?

What sets FORM apart from the copious amounts of curly-hair products on the market is that this brand is all about your specific hair type and texture. Whether you have curls, twists, coils, or tresses, FORM has a product that's specifically tailored to your hair type.

To figure out which product is right for you, take a FORM consultation questionnaire where you answer a number of questions about your strands. From there, FORM will take your responses and send you a personalized regimen with a list of product recommendations that are customized just for your texture and hair needs. Click on to see all 10 products available now!

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