Flawless Skin in a Bottle

Flawless Skin in a Bottle

For hundreds if not thousands of years people have been creating brews, tinctures, salves balms and compresses to relieve skin ailments like acne. There must be some usefulness in these things, for our ancestors swore by their effectiveness. Interestingly, Leeds Metropolitan University presented a study with findings that show thyme may be more affective at treating acne than prescription creams.

It's no secret that I like to make my own beauty products. From the Clean and Healthy Moisturizer to my Mineral Foundation, I like to know what goes on my face. So, when I saw the study from Leeds, I knew exactly what product I was going to make!

I’ve mentioned before that I spent years on a subscription plan to a fancy anti-acne system. I’ve also mentioned that my acne seemed to do better when I switched off that stuff and began cleansing with oatmeal and water alone. One element of the system that I did miss was a nightly toner. Now I’ve got one. And it is anti acne too!

What You'll Need

Glass jar

Fresh or dried Thyme (Thyme was noted in the study to be effective against certain bacteria responsible for acne.) Be sure it is organic and pesticide free. You do not want to put pesticides on your face regularly (or at all).

Witch hazel (Witch Hazel has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years and is known as an astringent and anti-oxidant.)

Coffee filter

Small container to store toner

How You'll Do It

1. Sterilize your steeping jar, and fill with witch hazel. The astringent nature of witch hazel helps to “tighten” skin and lessen the release of oils. The same principle means that it “locks in” moisture.

2. Place your thyme into the witch hazel and let it steep for a day or two in a cool dry place. When finished it will be amber in color.

3. Strain your liquid through the coffee filter and into the sterilized toner bottle.

4. Done! I recommend making small batches and keeping them in the fridge. I use a pump style bottle so that I do not introduce bacteria to the mixture when I use it. Simply pump the toner onto a cotton ball and use it in trouble spots, or across your whole face!

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